Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


Talleyrand Park Committee

Minutes of November 19, 1980, meeting


The November meeting was called to order by co-president Anne Jacobs at 8:25 P.M. at the home of James and Gay Dunne.


The following Committee members were present: A. and R. Jacobs, S. Segalstad, K. and S. Furs t, M. Poister, T. and R. Fisher, J. and G. Dunne, J. Blasko, J. Yeager, M. Cutietta, D. and L. Peters, P. Schneeman.


Molly Poister moved that the October minutes be approved as read; Rick Jacobs provided a second and the motion was unanimously carried.


Anne Jacobs concisely presented the Treasurer's report in the Treasurer's absence. The total assets remain stable at $1021.82, the closing balance as of October 15th, since no transactions took place during the month.


Committee Reports


A. Fundraising


     1. "Victoriana" calendar

Sales volume has been slow but steady, according to Anne Jacobs, with total sales of 121, 18 of these calendars ordered from the brochures. Joan Blasko enumerated the calendar committee's strategies to intensify publicity: articles in Lewistown, Williamsport, and Lock Haven newspapers and in the Art Alliance Dispatch, as well as a third article in the Centre Daily Times; a display of the calendars in Bellefonte Elementary School; and the possibility of a display featuring Anni Matsick's original drawings at "Everything Nice." All these publicity efforts have or will be arranged by Joan Blasko, except for the Centre Daily Times article, which will be composed by Becky Olson and Lynn Peters. As the final effort to increase sales, Anne and Rick Jacobs allocated the remaining calendars to all members present for their sale.


     2. VIP auction

Arrangements are at a standstill, Anne reported for Rob Cutietta, pen­ding the Shetlars' completion of the solicitation letters. Serious consideration of this and other fundraising ideas must be given to their yield in relation to effort and time invested.


B. Design Committees

     l. Gazebo fence

Anne Jacobs mentioned that there has been no progress on fence construction because of faulty communications with CETA. The job supervisor is felt to be the weak link.


C. Funding sources

     1. Bellefonte Junior Women's Club

A presentation of the Barnard sculpture garden project was made by Anne Jacobs and Dave Shetlar to the Wome6!s Club for its consideration of its merits as a project worthy of adopting. The presentation was received with restrained enthusiasm. The Club will contact us later regarding the project's acceptability.


     2. Rick Jacobs volunteered to contact the Bellefonte B.P.O.E. about a second grant from their community fund to support a specific component of the sculpture garden. Restoration of the Brockerhoff fence is probably most compatible with the grant size.


Old Business


1. Since no further word has been received from the B.P.O.E. regarding their proposal to create an ice skating area, Anne Jacobs will make a followup inquiry into their intentions and report to the TPC at the next meeting.


2. Don Peters presented the parking study conclusions to Boro Council on Novem­ber 19th. The upshot of the study is that the number of parking spaces in beautiful downtown Bellefonte is adequate, the total count outnumbering would-be parkers by 400. There is probably maldistribution of the spaces, and meters in given lots may not offer long enough parking time.


New Business


The next meeting will be a cooperative Christmas buffet dinner combined with a brief business meeting on December 14, Sunday, at 5:30 P.M., at the home of Rob and True Fisher. The dinner meeting will follow the traditional trimming of the Christmas tree in the Gazebo at 1:30 P.M. on that day. The tree will be erected on December 13th by Rick Jacobs and Steven Furst. Plans will also be made to set up the Nativity scene donated by Earl Smith in the Park again.


     The meeting adjourned at 9:40 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Gay D. Dunne Secretary