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Minutes of Meeting

Historical Site Commission

March 8, 1976

Council Chambers, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania



Present: Commission members Fisher, Benson, Krauss, Pelick, Peters Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m., by Rob Fisher, chairman


1) There were no minutes recorded at the Feb. 9, 1976 meeting as attendance was not sufficient to conduct business.   Instead, guest Greg Ramsey discussed the Historical Site Registration Project.


2) Old Business

a) Communications-none

b) State Theater Project

       Last month, Mr. Ramsey said that if Bellefonte's State Theater, built in 1890 and closed 15 years ago, was to become registered on the state and national Historic Register, matching funds for its acquisition and eventual restoration might be available. Rob Fisher felt that the newly formed State College Arts Council might be interested in the theater if restored.

          Tonight, Mr. Krauss reported that he expects to talk with some of the people responsible for restoring the Mishler Theater in Altoona. Toward the acquisition, registration and restoration of the State Theater, the HSC felt that 1) a complete history of the property should be compiled, 2) the existing plan for the restoration and development of W. High St. should be studied, and 3) an expert opinion on the state of repair of the building should be obtained. Rob Fisher agreed to contact an engineer.


c) Train Station Project

         Nick Pelick reported that fund-raising efforts are underway toward a goal of $10,000 from individuals in the community.


3) New Business

a) Rob Fisher proposed that the HSC be expanded to nine or more members.  He nominated Greg Ramsey and Pat Casher. The commission agreed with his proposal and it was decided that 1) Mr. Fisher would seek the approval of Borough Council and 2) members of the commission would study the proposed by-laws prepared by David Flood so they could be approved officially at the next meeting with the necessary changes.

b) With the decision that future meetings be held during the lunch hour, the next meeting was set for Monday, April 12, at Bonfatto's Restaurant at 12 noon.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


  Lynn Peters, secretary