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Historical Site Commission
April 12, 1976
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania



Present: Commission members Fisher, Krauss, Casher, Ramsey, Flood, and Peters.


Meeting called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Rob Fisher, Chairman.





Nathan Krauss reported that he had spoken with some of the people responsible for restoring the Mishler Theater in Altoona. Although $459,000 has been put into that project so far it is only 59% complete. Since the income generated is not sufficient to maintain it, there exists a permanent committee responsible for seeking grants and aid.


Mr. Krauss also found that Bellefonte's State Theater has no heat or plumbing and advised caution in getting involved in so costly a venture.

Discussion included the suggestion to 1) decide on an end product and series of goals, 2) check feasibility of suggested uses, 3) get facts on various costs involved, 4) check into fire and safety code requirements.



Mr. Flood suggested that since the Model Railroad Club may be looking for quarters, the Chamber of Commerce might like to offer rental space in the basement of the Train Station, as was done in a similar building in

New Freedom, Pennsylvania. Nate Krauss volunteered to contact Dave Benson about this.

c) The Bylaws were discussed and some changes made. After each member receives and reads them, voting will take place at the next meeting.

The next meeting was set for Monday, May 10, at 12: 00 noon, Bonfatto’s Restaurant.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Peters


Historic Registration Project - April 12, 1976 *Working List*




Bellefonte Academy

Thomas Homestead, Bellefonte

Andrew Gregg Homestead, RD Centre Hall

Big Spring, Bellefonte

Centre County Courthouse




Centre Co. Library Building                                

John Schempf Home, Linden Hall

George Moellenbrock House and Barn, near Linden Hall

Boal Mansion

Kenneth Mayes House, Lemont

Hays Gamble Home ("Hill House"), Boalsburg

James Beck Round Barn, Rte 192 east of Centre Hall


Other sites:


Harris Homestead, Bellefonte

Linn House, Bellefonte

James Dunlop House, Bellefonte

Ex-Gov, Curtin House, Bellefonte

Centre Mills - old stone mill (1802), east of Madisonburg

John Blasko – Wm. F. Reynolds House

Stanford log house (site of Indian massacre), Penns Valley

L. T. Donoughe house, Bellefonte

Penn's Cave Hotel

Bush Arcade, Bellefonte

The Lemont House

Gordon Kissinger House, Branch Road, State College

Daniel and Ann Scott Residence, Lemont

Allen and Judy Shields Residence, Bellefonte

Janis Spalvins Residence, Boalssburg

Edna Raphael Residence, Boalsburg

Col. Johnston House, Boalsburg

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peters Residence, 3ellefonte

Mud Church, Philipsburg

Nittany Inn, Nittany

E. R. Queer Residence, Spring Mills

Hastings Mansion, Bellefonte

Brockerhoff Hotol, Bellefonte

Andrew Murgas Residence and gothic outbuilding, Milesburg


In addition to this list, we have contacted nearly 100 other owners throughout the County and will soon be talking to them and will have our next Working List ready when the above is completed.