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Talleyrand Park Citizens' Committee

Minutes of November 28, 1979, meeting


The meeting was called to order at 8:20 p.m. at the home of the Shetlars. Co-presidents Steve Deutsch and David Shetlar presided over the meeting.


Those members in attendance were: Steve Deutsch, David and Renee Shetlar, Siri Segalstad, True Fisher, Molly Bliss, Ann Jacobs, Don Peters, Gay and James Dunne, Peter Schneeman, Joan Blasko, Mary and Rob Cutietta, and Jack Yeager.


Minutes of the October 19, 1979, meeting were approved as read.


Treasurer's Report

     Checking account balance as of October 14, 1979       $ 914.33

     Expenses                                              - 538.90


    Contribution (Mid State Bank)                            100.00

    Checking balance 11/28                                   475.33


    Savings account balance                                 1164.70

   Total assets                                             1640.13

    Outstanding bills from Bellefonte Boro                 -1396.67

   Total uncommitted assets                                  243.46



Committee Reports


     Design Committee


According to Steve Deutsch, the stonework of the Barnard site wall is basically complete except for the two pillars flanking the entrance. The remaining work will be completed in the spring under the supervision of Mr. Zeleznick. All bills reflecting material and labor costs have been submitted and are reflected in the Treasurer's report:- Capstone had been hauled from the quarry via Bob Thomas' truck; a note of gratitude will be sent to him. The design committee will turn its attention to developing lighting along the path, completing the pool design, and establishing the spring work schedule.


Ironwork sections for the fence could be constructed by CETA workers during the winter months as long as materials are supplied. Our lack of funds remaining following payment of outstanding bills threatened to halt work, but David Shetlar reported that an agreement had been reached whereby CETA would purchase the ironwork materials for no more than $840 upon our promise of repayment in full by September 1980. Backing of the TPC from Bellefonte Borough Council for this sum was requested and granted on November 16, 1979.


    A minor problem had arisen regarding the prevention of water accumulation within the ironwork pipes. This was solved by Rob Fisher's idea of topping them with finials. A brief discussion was held of erecting a sign at the Barnard site as a public announcement of the ongoing work. Although the discussion was generally in favor of the sign, Borough Council's approval is needed and will be sought next year.


Publicity Committee


Another article will probably be submitted to the Centre Daily Times more specifically identifying CETA's role in the Barnard site project. Direct mention of the agency was inadvertently omitted in the last article.


Fundraising Committees


A. "Big Bucks" Committee

True Fisher and Molly Bliss each reported that businesses and indi­viduals that they approached via letters or telephone were reluctant to donate. A total of $150 had been collected.


B. “Small Bucks” Committee

Renee Shetlar's committee had generated several interesting fund­raising ideas:

1)  1981 calendar illustrated by either actual photographs of Bellefonte structures or architectural sketches of Allegheny Street buildings as developed by Roy Vollmer's architecture course as a project.


2) Auction of items donated by celebrities and personages. Mary and Rob Cutietta related the financial success of this project when undertaken out by a high school marching band in a Cleveland suburb.


3) Rent-A-Santa.


All three projects met with approval, especially the auction.

True Fisher promised to investigate the availability of the Allegheny Street sketches. A fall date was tentatively set for the auction and general discussion will be reopened later. Details were worked out for the more immediate Rent-A-Santa project. The key Santa roles were to be played by Rob Cutietta and David Shetlar; each would spend two nights (December 17th and 18th or December 20th and 21st) making scheduled visits to homes at $10 per visit. A Centre Daily Times ad would publicize the event and Siri Segalstad would schedule the visits. Renee Shetlar agreed to look into purchasing a used Santa suit from Unlimited Rent-Alls not to exceed $30.



Old Business


Arrangements were made to waterproof the nativity figures donated by Earl Smith on December 9th at the Dunnes. Peter Schneeman and Don Peters agreed to assist Jim Dunne.


The Christmas tree will be set up and decorated in Talleyrand Park on December 16th at 2 p.m. The tree is being donated by Mrs. Norris; it will cost approximately $15 to replenish the Christmas tree lights. The Nativity scene will be erected then. A pot-luck dinner and committee meeting will follow at 5 p.m. at the Fishers' home.


Joan Blasko had represented the TPC at the organizational meeting of the Central Pennsylvania Arts Council on November 16, 1979. Although she felt that such an organization could function to coordinate the local arts calendar, publicize those events more effectively, and provide education, the level of interest was so low among representatives of other art-related groups that no definite action could be taken to establish the Council.


It was suggested by True Fisher and Joan Blasko that donors within the past year whose charity had been acknowledged be thanked via a personal note on a Christmas card. The idea was approved and a list will be prepared for Judy Shields, corresponding secretary, to work from.


New Business


To boost anemic funds, True Fisher proposed several projects requiring various amounts of time and energy.


1) Distributing "Bellefonte Fountain of Governors" Bicentennial booklets to Bellefonte merchants for a sale price of $1.25, allowing $.25 for handling, resulting in $1.00 profit per book. True has already taken the booklets to Centre County News Agency.


2) A large inventory of 500 Centre County coloring books could be distributed on a similar financial basis to about ten area merchants.  Joan Blasko, Renee Shetlar, True Fisher, and Gay Dunne offered to approach selected merchants. A maximum of $500 could be realized with this effort.


3) Movie classics could be ordered and shown in the Bellefonte Elementary School auditorium for $2.50 (adults) or $1.25 (children).  It was felt that the profit margin would be slim and attendance might not be good at those admission prices.


4) An embassy champagne party following one of the performances of "Call Me Madam" to be staged by the PPA at the Elementary School Auditorium in February. The cast could circulate at the party and fare would consist of champagne and simple finger food. The suggested ticket price for the party was $12.50. The consensus was generally enthusiastic. Either the Dunnes' or the Jacobs' home was considered for the location. A reciprocal agreement was reached, discounting the party to $3.50 for PPA members and, likewise, the play ticket to $3.50 for TPC members. Cast members, play director, and publicity and program chairman are to be admitted free to the party.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


                               Gay D. Dunne