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Minutes of the Meeting

November 18, 1980


The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. and was initially led by Kerry Uhler, President.


True Fisher read a letter from Don Peters, stating his resignation as President (attached hereto).


Those in attendance were as follows:

True Fisher           Kerry Uhler

Steve Heverly         Rick Jacobs

Gay Dunne             Kim Lindskog

Jennifer Davis        Lynn Peters

Jack Yeager           Bonnie Leathers

Nona Uhler            Jon Eich

Bill First            Liane Schneeman

Don Peters


Election of new officers and board members took

place.  New officers are as follows:

Liane Schneeman

Rob Fisher

Jennifer Davis

Lynn Peters


Vice President



New board members are as follows:


Jack Yeager

Ed Kernish




Kerry Uhler




Michael Halm




Bill First




Rick Jacobs






Discussion at the meeting was as follows:

1. Kerry Uhler was elected to head the Committee for Historic Preservation. Other members of the Committee are Gay Dunne, Bill First and Kim Lindskog. Kerry suggested the seeking of "block grants" from the government to restore Bellefonte to a Victorian-style town. This has worked well for many towns, and Coudersport was cited as an example.

Jon Eich suggested neighborhood self-help programs for non-profit groups. The group would need a representative in the Borough Council to proceed on that level.

Contacting the Centre County Planning Commission (Director-Robert Donaldson) was also suggested, but not until more research is done on the type of program our group wants.

The Committee for Historic Preservation will con­tact architect Tom Dean for proposals on programs for Bellefonte, and we will proceed from there at the January meeting. Then the programs can be presented to land and/or building owners in Bellefonte to get some response.

2. True Fisher made a motion that the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Society meet bi-monthly. She will be on the phone committee and will contact members regarding the January meeting. BHCS meetings will be the 4th Tues. each month.

3. The Project for the Performing Arts is now a member of the Central Pennsylvania Arts Council. It was decided that the BHCS will not become a member of said Council.

4. Rob Fisher suggested that BHCS line-up, promote and advertise groups to perform at the gazebo in Tallyrand Park. More events like the Arts Festival should be started, and we should try to get youth of the community involved. Programs should be added to what already takes place, i.e., events at the park, concerts at the library, plays, etc..., and a schedule made up for year-round activities to interest townspeople and visitors.

Rob Fisher was appointed Workshop Committee head to involve community youth in programs dealing with visual arts.

            The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


    Respectfully submitted,


    Jennifer L. Davis