Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


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Attending: Liane Schneeman, Lynn and Don Peters, Virginia Ulrich, Betty Miller, Jack Yeager, Bonnie Leathers, Steve Heverly.



Talleyrand Park Committee- A fund-raising garage sale will be held in May.

Sculpture Park-Completion is expected sometime this summer.

Financial Committee-Current bank balance is $500 plus.


General Announcements:

Two representatives from PPA were scheduled to attend a "CAST" workshop. Both had to cancel due to illness.


A concert, featuring Nan Gullo, is scheduled in the Library

on 4/18.


Photo Course-There exists a possibility for a photo course this summer if an instructor can be found who has access to darkroom facilities. Bruce Kramer is a possibility.


Piano Fund-it was agreed that $50 should be donated to the fund.


Historical Award-There was a general discussion concerning an annual award to a person or organization who makes a significant contribution to the historical and cultural betterment of the town.


BHCA Brochure-It is coming-it was agreed to order 1000.


Audio Equipment-Price estimates for PA equipment ranged from $350 to $3500. It was suggested that Bill Laird of Electronics Unlimited be contacted and the use of used equipment be explored.


Walking Tours-Jane Beaver has scheduled a meeting on 4/6.


House identification Markers-It was generally agreed that markers were a good project but there was considerable discussion on size, financing, and composition. Cerro Metal Products may be of some help.


Slide Show-The show will take place in the fall. We are still collecting slides. We may contract for some slides to be taken this summer. Julia Noll and Harold Wion's widow will be contacted for use of their slides.


Grant Money-It was advised that the funds will be avail­able and that the committee should begin to review its projects for possible funding.