Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


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Minutes of Meeting




Members Present: Cherene Holland, President, Bonnie Leathers, Vice President, Liana Schneeman, Secretary; Malady Klausmeier, Rob Fisher, Liza and Jack Yeager.


The meeting was called to order at 8:20 p.m. There was no Treasurer's Report.


Liane Schneeman proposed that from here on the minutes of the previous month's meeting be mailed to members about two weeks before each new meeting. She felt that too many good ideas discussed during these sessions were not kept alive. Everyone is asked to review the minutes carefully! If there are any issues that seem to you to have special merit, please bring them to our attention again at the following meeting. The minutes will be summarized before each meeting. -- Melady Klausmeier made a motion (seconded by Liza Yeager) to begin this practice immediately and to take the necessary money out of our fund. The motion was approved. Melady also noted that this will probably re­quire raising membership fees for 1984/85.



Slide Show: Various aspects of the show were discussed. Rob

Fisher mentioned that an effort should be made to use local groups in the sound track, and that Gary Utz has fairly sophisticated equipment that makes track mixing possible. Liane Schneeman presented a budget of $115.50, to be used for basic expenses such as duplication of a few slides, three slide trays, several tapes and the creation of title and credit lines. The amount will allow us to produce the initial show. Rob Fisher made a motion (seconded by Melady) that the budget be approved. The motion was carried.



Bellefonte Artists Association (BAA): Rob Fisher outlined his idea for a new group which would specifically concern itself with the needs and projects of artists in Bellefonte. It would be open to anyone who is interested in supporting artists. The question of whether this group should be open to non-resident artists was discussed at length, but no conclusions were reached. It is possible to have resident and non-resident memberships.


The next meeting will be held January 31


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05.




Respectfully submitted,



Liana Schneeman Secretary