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Minutes of the Meeting


January 31, 1984, Centre County Courthouse


Members present: Cherene Holland, President, Bonnie Leathers, Vice-President; Mary Addis (Bellefonte Women's Club) Rob Gannon, Dick Kislak, Melady Klausmeier, Dave Shetlar, Dennis Sciabica, Crystal Thomas, Lisa Peters, Rob Fisher, Morgan Paine, Jan Timminski, Gay and Jim Dunne.


1. Mary Addis inquired about the possibility of including the Gamble Mill on this year's Homes Tour. Morgan Paine announced that "a 95% commitment has been made by Ted Conklin to rent the space." There is, however, still a possibility to create a gallery space (heated year-round) in the Mill. The current space seems to be available to us through April 15th. After that date, Bryant Musser & Co., Brass Works, will be moving in. The new space (Morgan Paine's studio, currently) could be ready by May 6. The Executive Board, Peter Schneeman, Rob Fisher and any other interested persons will meet with Ted Conklin to work on an agreement for the future gallery space.

2. Dick Kislak spoke about the Victorian Christmas, its history and success, and congratulated BHCA on the Ball, which was highly praised by those who attended. He pointed out that Victorian Christmas Inc. could become Victorian Bellefonte Inc., that is, it could become involved in other kinds of events during the year.

3. The patron party, planned as conclusion to Jack Yeager's play, was discussed. The play is tentatively scheduled for March 9, 10, 16 and 17. The Talleyrand Park Committee and PPA Board will discuss further arrangements,

4. Gay Dunne announced this year's piano fund concert on March 24, with Joanne Zagst and Jill Olson, to be held at Bellefonte Elementary School. Jim Dunne described the success of the recent concert at Centre County Library.

5. Peter Schneeman announced that Bellefonte received a $2100.00 grant from Pennsylvania Council on the Arts to support the arts for this year. The amount (less than last year) was somewhat of a disappointment, but there were many more applicants this year, and no request was fully funded.

6. Cherene announced that Melady Klausmeier is exploring the possibility of organizing a "John Montgomery Ward" softball team. Discussion followed. More discussion will take place next time.

7. Rob Gannon announced that the slide show is coming along. "Any grant is not going to fructify until next year." He also described the general technology of the show.


The next meeting will be held February 28. The meeting was adjourned at 10::15 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Peter Schneeman, for

Liane Schneeman, secretary