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MARCH 27, 1984. Centre County Courthouse. Small Courtroom

Members Present: Cherene Holland, President, Lynn Peters, Treasurer, Liane Schneeman, Secretary; Crystal Thomas, Rob Fisher, Maureen Garvin, Morgan Paine, Judy and Alan Garbrick, Peter Schneeman.

The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m.

Treasurer's Report:

     Checking Account       $ 559.99

     Savings Account        $ 859.43

     Total                  $1419.42



1. Walking Tours: The question of whether BHCA should plan walking tours for the summer '84 was discussed. Since attendance was extremely low last summer, there seems no need to repeat it. However, it was suggested that we try an expanded version, covering a larger territory, using horse-drawn wagons. Denny Sciabica would be contacted regarding the availability of transportation. It was finally decided to refer the idea to the Victorian Christmas Committee.

2. Sunday Afternoons at the Library: Gay Dunne reported on bids to restore the piano (somewhere between $3800 and $5200). After a successful fundraising concert at Bellefonte Elementary School, the Piano Restoration Fund stands at $3110.O9. A portion of that money was raised by Jim and Gay Dunne through a mailing campaign, which was apparently very successful. Gay and Jim should be congratulated on the success of their efforts.




1. Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) and Bellefonte Boro Grant: This year, grants through the Boro of Bellefonte are again available to organizations and individuals.  BHCA is also eligible to receive money for special projects, and members are encouraged to propose projects at the next meeting.

2. BHCA APPLIES FOR PCA GRANTS !!! -- Rob Fisher brought before the committee two proposals which were discussed at length:


(a) Grant proposal for a traveling exhibition of a sculpture project by Rob Fisher, showing the integration of computer graphics and sculpture. The requirement is that the show travel to two small and two major host institutions. Rob felt that it should not be difficult to find such exhibition spaces and proposed that the show start in Bellefonte. The exhibition would be organized under the auspices of BHCA, but Rob will assume all responsibility for applying for the grant (due April 4), A motion was made, and carried, that BHCA should apply for such a grant.



(b) Grant proposal for a part-time arts coordinator for Bellefonte. The job requirements for this position were discussed at length (e.g. level of responsibility, office space to be used, possibilities of the Gamble Mill space, work load per week, to whom this person will be responsible, etc.) A motion was made, and carried, that BHCA should apply for such a grant. A committee was formed (Corene Johnston, Peter Schneeman, Rob Fisher, Cherene Holland, Lynn Peters), to discuss the details further and draft the grant proposal (due April 15). Since this is a matching grant, BHCA will have to assume half of the financial responsibility. Grants can be as low as $500.00 (to be matched by BHCA money). The exact amount was not set at this meeting, but it was generally agreed that it should be a modest amount, perhaps $750, or, more likely, $1000. The final decision regarding the amount would be made after further consultation with PCA and, more importantly, with members of BHCA who were not at the meeting.


The next meeting will be held April 24. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Liane Schneeman, Secretary