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APRIL 24, 1984


Members Present: Cherene Holland, President, Liane Schneeman, Secretary; Melady Klausmeier, Morgan Paine, Crystal Thomas, Rob Gannon, Bib Brunetti, Peter Schneeman.


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m. There was no Treasurer's Report.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: President Cherene Holland urges all members to pay their membership fees ($ 2.00), either at the next meeting or by mail (care of Lynn Peters, 420 North Allegheny St., Bellefonte, Pa. 16823). She also announced that Jean Murphy, business partner of Musser's "Victorian Lighting and Antiques" now located in the major Gamble Mill space, is planning an opening reception for May 4. Members of BHCA are invited.




1. Walking Tours: The Lion Country Visitors Bureau has requested two walking tour guides for groups coming to Bellefonte on June 4 and 25. Two guides for each tour will be needed. Robin Woodring-Dale offered a $5.00 honorarium for each tour. BHCA members felt that since the guided tours were a fund-raising project, we should insist on the usual donation of $ 1.00 per person (and thus avoid setting a precedent for the future). As an alternative, it was suggested that Robin herself take on the job of tour guide on such occasions.


       2. Concerts in the Park: Melady Klausmeier reported that her committee has encountered difficulties in putting together a concert schedule for the summer 1984, and therefore they will probably not take place.

3. Gamble Mill Gallery: Cherene Holland proposed that a volunteer take on the responsibility for working out schedules of events for this space and act as a liaison person with Ted Conklin. This would be a temporary solution, until the matter of hiring a part-time administrator can be resolved. Morgan felt that there was-no need for such a job at the moment, that events could be handled on a case-by-case basis. Discussion followed and it was decided to take this matter up again at the next meeting. -- The gallery space now claimed by BHCA has, in effect, been given up by Maureen Garvin, who will be moving into other quarters in the Mill. In order to remodel the new space, Ted Conklin would like to charge BHCA rent (a figure of $50.00 per month, year round, possibly negotiable, has been mentioned). An annual rent of some $600.00 is a considerable financial commitment for BHCA. In the discussion that followed, it was stressed repeatedly that those groups who use the facility and receive income from the events would have to commit some of the income to rent. It was also suggested that since PPA will be using this space, it take on responsibility for half of the monthly rent (c. $25.00). Discussion of this issue will continue.




Homes Tour and Exhibition at Gamble Mill Gallery: This event will be held May 6. Some 12 Bellefonte artists will be represented. Dave Paden and accompanist will provide Renaissance music for guitar and recorder. Crystal Thomas offered to do some dances. Morgan Paine suggested that it would be useful to distribute some information about BHCA at this event, featuring past accomplishments and coming events. Melady and Cherene offered to prepare a brochure. Morgan also mentioned that $ 100.00 of PCA grant money had been allocated for this event and True Fisher suggested it be used for preparing the brochure.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.


The next meeting will be held May 29.

Respectfully submitted

Liane Schneeman, Secretary