Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


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MAY 29, 1984, at the home of Cherene Holland


Members present: Cherene Holland, President, Lynn Peters, Treasurer,

Liane Schneeman, Secretary; Clara Rader, Joan Kennedy and Dick Babion(guests), Rob Gannon, Rob and True Fisher,Gay and Jim Dunne, Peter Schneeman, Melady Klausmeier, Tim and Donna McDevitt.


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 p.m.


Treasurer’s Report:  in Checking Account     $488.99

                        Savings Account      $859.49

                        Total                $1348.42




1. Concerts in the Park: Melady Klausmeier reported on the scheduling for this year's concerts. The High School Stage Band, Shriners' Band, Rustical Quality String Band and Bellefonte Community Band have agreed to play. The suggestion was made that Joan Kennedy's pupils may give a performance in the gazebo -- with June 17 as a possible date. Melady and Joan will work out the details.

2. The Gamble Mill Gallery: the problem of rent payments for the gallery space continues to create discussion. It was stressed repeatedly that Corene Johnston, who is making plans for future events, needs the active support of the entire committee (Rob Fisher, Maureen Garvin, Rob Gannon and new member Jim Dunne).  Rob Fisher agreed to arrange a meeting with Ted Conklin in order to discuss use of the  space, rent and mutual obligations.  A motion was made by Melady to authorize the committee to negotiate a rent up to $ 600.00. The motion was passed.




     1. Joan Kennedy, who is a dance instructor in State College, is looking for a suitable, reasonable studio/w. living space. Various possibilities were discussed including the spaces the Gamble Mill may offer.


     2. An event at the Gamble Mill: Rob Fisher reported that the grant he received from the Central Pennsylvania Arts Council will enable him to create a multimedia event in the Gallery, to open on June 10 and remain open for a week.  The concept involves a sculpture and a dancer and was created by Rob in collaboration with Ray Masters.


The meeting was adjourned ... very late.

Respectfully submitted,


Liane Schneeman, Secretary