Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Minutes of Past Meetings


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April 9, 1985 at the home of Cherene Holland



Members present: Cherene Holland, President, Lynn Peters, Treasurer, Liane Schneeman, Secretary; Corene Johnston (Arts Coordinator), Jim Kantner, Jim and Gay Dunne, Rob Gannon.





Corene Johnston reported on her activities as Arts Coordinator during the last year. Committee members were unanimous in their praise of Corene's efforts and resourcefulness. She should be commended for this successful year. Corene expressed reservations about continuing as arts coordinator while at the same time overseeing the activities at the Gamble Mill Gallery. She believes that the arts coordinator position should be eliminated. The question of whether BHCA should apply for funds for arts coordinator again was discussed. Jim Dunne suggested that we apply for funds for this position as well as for a gallery director (both are matching funds). It was agreed to apply for both.


A review of past projects followed:


Brass plaques project

Post cards books

Mailing of brochures

Doors of Bellefonte

Traveling "Galaxy Show" (Rob Fisher)

      Video Tape of Victorian Christmas


     Rob Gannon suggested that the question of whether BHCA should revert back to functioning as a mere umbrella organization for the activities and groups associated with it should be seriously discussed at this point.  In this new (or rather, its original) role, there would be no membership at large, only a board constituted of community leaders of various backgrounds.  The board would meet once a year and would receive progress reports of its member groups. Members present at the meeting were in favor of such a step.  However, further discussion is necessary, and therefore all members are urged to attend the next meeting:


     Tuesday, April 30, 8:00 p.m. at the home of Gay and Jim Dunne.


     Please come, so that you may be heard!  The decision will be made at this  meeting.


                   Respectfully submitted,


                   Liane Schneeman