Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
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Minutes of Past Meetings


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November 13, 1986


Members and guests present: Anne Jacobs (President), Peter Schneeman, True Fisher (Treasurer), Rob Gannon, Gay Dunne (Secretary) and Jim Dunne, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Kevin and Carol Burke


Anne Jacobs called the meeting at the Dunne's home to order at 8:25 P.M. Minutes of the October meeting were promptly approved with a motion by Rob Gannon, seconded by Peter Schneeman.


     The Treasurer, True Fisher, reported the following balances as of 11/13/86:

        $2522.26        savings account

          464.27        checking account

        $2986.53        total assets

She further reported that the following project balances are included in the combined accounts:  

        $ 752.51        Summer Sounds

          200.00        Arts Coordinator

          565.05        Gamble Mill Gallery


This stimulated a discussion on the pros and cons of separate bookkeeping for specific projects. Separate tracking is informational when reviewing project activity, but Peter Schneeman cautioned that project directors might feel pos­sessive about their project's funds. However, the members present concluded their discussion by reaffirming that project monies could be summoned for arts coordinator matching funds, if needed.




I. Gamble Mill Gallery


A. Dickens "Christmas Carol"

Anne Jacobs reported that Tony Lentz's Dickens reading would take place at the Mill on the evenings of 12/12 and 12/13. Admission will be free to follow suit with his free performance the preceding weekend in State College. Publicity efforts consist of listings in Town & Gown, the CDT, and a bulk-mailed postcard announcing this event plus the opening of Harriet Rosenberg's show at the Gallery on 12/14.


B. Harriet Rosenberg's one-woman show is the next Gallery event and is being jointly publicized with the Dickens reading.


II. 1987 Officers

Peter Schneeman listed the Nominating Committee's slate of officers:

         Anne Jacobs             President

             Melady Klausmeier       Vice-President

             Gay Dunne               Secretary

             True Fisher             Treasurer

    The slate was approved by acclamation.


III. Arts Coordinator

A. Joyce Hagen politely requested her next payment. It was instantly granted.

B. Generation of Matching Funds

      New variations on this recurring theme were proposed - some more noteworthy than others.

1. True Fisher suggested asking Pat Casher to serve as art coordinator at the Hotel Brockerhoff with the incentive of a commission on works sold. She will explore this idea with him.

2. Peter Schneeman will compose a letter to the Elks Club's Garver Fund requesting a grant for matching funds.

3. Rob Gannon suggested expanding BHCA's membership by inviting the town's fraternal organizations, such as the Moose and clubs of that "elk".

4. Anne Jacobs suggested selling chances for $2 for an elegant dinner in a Victorian home.

True Fisher raised the possibility of a joint fund-raising buffet dinner preceding PPA's spring production. This idea was quickly discarded because of the complexities of coordinating the event and the profit-sharing arrangement with PPA.

Rob Gannon suggested a champagne party following a Library concert with admission by ticket. Jim Dunne recommended that it be held after the Rosetti Quintet's performance on Thursday, March 5th, because the Dutch ensemble would attract a larger audience. He magnanimously offered his home as the setting for the party. All those present enthusiastically supported the idea which will be thoroughly and exhaustively discussed at the January meeting.


The meeting abruptly adjourned due to anticipated burnout.


Respectfully submitted,

Gay D. Dunne, Secretary