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Members and friends present: Anne Jacobs (President), Maureen Garvin, Jeff Lipkis, Cherene Holland, Helen Bechdel, True Fisher (Treasurer), Anne Stevens (Vice-president), Jean Murphy, Gay Dunne (Secretary), Jim Dunne, Pat Casher, Joan Blasko, Peter Schneeman


BHCA held its first meeting of 1986 and of the revitalized organization at the home of Anne Jacobs. She called the meeting to order at 8:22 P.M.


Nominating Committee: Gay Dunne revealed the committee's proposed slate of officers.                  
                           President          Anne Jacobs

Vice-President     Anne Stevens

Secretary          Gay Dunne

Treasurer          True Fisher

The slate was unanimously approved and the individuals immediately took their offices.


Treasurer's Report:  $642.74 checking account balance as of 1/15/86

                     2860.51 savings account balance as of 1/15/86

(includes $1500 PCA grant for Arts Coordinator)

                     3503.25 total assets


Minutes: No official minutes were taken at the BHCA meeting in the fall of 1985.


Old Business


Arts Coordinator Committee: The committee, consisting of Gay and Jim Dunne, Hal Hallock, and Rob Gannon, has completed its search for the best candidate to fill this position. Gay and Jim Dunne reviewed the job description, chronicled the search process, and presented the committee's recommendations. Four­teen resumes were received in response to the advertisement, of which four applicants were interviewed. The top three candidates were described to the group and their resumes circulated. The committee's ranking was as follows: Jacqueline Maier Rose of State College, Joyce Hagen of Bellefonte, and Mary Hosterman of Pleasant Gap. True Fisher moved that the committee's choice of Jacqueline Rose be endorsed. Maureen Garvin seconded the motion, which was passed. A motion was then made by Pat Casher, seconded by Joan Blasko, that the committee be authorized to hire Joyce Hagen if Jacqueline Rose should refuse the job. This motion was also passed. Pat Casher expressed thanks on behalf of the BHCA to the Arts Coordinator Committee for its efforts.

Various aspects of the position were discussed with emphasis on present and future subsidy. The Arts Coordinator job is defined as a fee-for-service consultant position with an annual stipend of $3000, derived from a $1500 PCA grant plus a $1500 match from BHCA. PPA will contribute $500 of the match in return for the Arts Coordinator's assistance in publicity for their productions. It is clear that BHCA needs a wildly successful fundraiser in the next few months to support this important position, while remaining financially solvent. Consideration was given to requesting financial support from Boro Council to expand the position in the future.

Locating and establishing an office are immediate needs. Jim Dunne will inquire about an available room at the Centre County Historic Library, and the Dunnes will donate an answering machine when a telephone is installed. Telephone charges and costs of setting up an office must be borne by BHCA.


Gamble Mill Gallery: Pat Casher recently visited the new gallery space and assured Ted Conklin of BHCA's continued interest in renting it for events. It may be available by March. Mr. Conklin offered BHCA blueprint copies as an aid to planning.


New Business

Garman Theatre: Anne Jacobs informed us that the Garman Theatre is now available for sale -- asking price, $28,000. It has been in use as a storage area for Wolf Furniture Co., but the company may be divesting itself of the building in preparation for their move to a new site near the Nittany Mall. BHCA's role in pur­chasing, renovating, and operating the building as a theatre was contemplated. The overall project would be fraught with problems, viz. prohibitive cost of renovation ($150,000 - $250,000) and of maintenance, poor access to parking, and the absence of a respectable sewer system. These obstacles caused the project to be rejected when collectively evaluated several years ago by representatives of community arts organizations, including True Fisher of PPA. Pat Casher recommended that the DoDe Hotel with its liquor license be purchased simultaneously to link the devel­opment of the two properties. It was concluded that because of the financial burden, BHCA could only participate by planning and supervising the renovation and operating the theatre, provided the project were subsidized by private or local government funds.


Walking Tours: Peter Schneeman informed us that a group of Hastings citizens had corresponded with our mayor, asking to visit Bellefonte for a walking tour and an historic railroad trip. The Hastings residents had been inspired by the Victorian Christmas coverage on local T.V. Peter agreed to arrange a walking tour, but will ask the Main St. Coordinator to schedule the railroad outing.

Victorian Christmas Videotapes: Pat Casher told us that Austin Furst, III is negotiating with WTAJ for the right to mass-produce videotapes of Bellefonte's Victorian Christmas 1985. If the deal is concluded, the proceeds from the sales will be donated to a worthy cause in Bellefonte.

Meeting Date.  It was agreed that the monthly meeting will be hold on the first Tuesday. A schedule of meeting pieces was arranged.


Respectively submitted,


Gay D. Dunne, Secretary


The next BHCA meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 4, at the Schneemans, 313 E. Curtin St., 8 p.m. Please come!