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Members in attendance: Rob Gannon, Peter Schneeman, Anne Stevens (Vice-president), Pat Casher, Bonnie Leathers, Anne Jacobs (President), Jeanne Murphy, Gay Dunne (Secretary)


President Anne Jacobs called the meeting to order at 8:23 P.M, at the home of Peter Schneeman. The minutes of the January meeting were approved as read with a motion by Peter Schneeman that was seconded by Pat Casher.


Treasurer's Report: Anne Jacobs, in the treasurer's absence, reported that no financial transactions had taken place since the last report.


Old Business

Arts Coordinator: Gay Dunne reported on the committee's actions. The committee completed the hiring of Jacqueline Maier Rose as the Arts Coordinator; a copy of the letter of agreement will be appended to the official copy of the minutes. The remaining applicants were tactfully notified of the decision. Office space on the Historical Museum's third floor has been arranged and includes access to a phone. Unfortunately, Ms. Rose's activities will be restricted until the birth of her child (hopefully im­minent). When she is fully functioning, a phone with separate number will be installed in her office. This expense is part of the $300 earmarked for operational expenses, that is separate from her salary.


Anne Jacobs then re-raised the issue of BLOC's (Bellefonte Light Opera Company) interest in entering the BHCA umbrella as an organizational member. Their Board re­quested clarification of BHCA's dues and of access to the Arts Coordinator's services before voting on this step. Since dues had not been levied for some time, it was agreed to review the membership fees. A motion establishing individual membership for $5 per year was made by Rob Gannon and seconded by Peter Schneeman. A $25 membership fee for an organization was immediately suggested by Peter and seconded by Rob Gannon. Both motions passed.

After a lengthy consideration of expansion of the Arts Coordinator's services to BLOC or any other organization not listed in the job description, the nature of such services, and the surcharge, if any, for her services, Rob Gannon suggested re­ferring these policy issues back to the Arts Coordinator Committee for its recommen­dations. The committee will make a report at the March meeting. During the discussion, Bonnie Leathers suggested levying an hourly rate of $7.50 for the Arts Coordinator's time for member organizations not included in the job description. This revenue would bolster BHCA's match to support the position. Most members felt this solution had merit, so the committee will seriously examine this idea. Peter Schneeman volunteered to fill Rob Gannon's seat on the committee in his absence.


Summer Sounds Concerts: Bonnie Leathers read a letter from the "Summer Sounds" committee (Sonna McDevitt, Melady Klausmeier, and herself) announcing the 6th season of Gazebo concerts in the summer of 1986. The letter pointed out that donations from 1985 concertgoers amounted to $217.14, increasing total donations for all years to in excess of $400. The committee requested that this sum be earmarked for a new sound system for the gazebo. Peter Schneeman recommended the BHCA block grant as an alter­native funding source.


New Business

     BVC plaque: Anne Jacobs displayed a plaque that had been presented to BHCA for the organization's participation in Bellefonte Victorian Christmas.


     Town Meeting: Rob Gannon reported briefly on the Town Meeting. Index cards were distributed for individuals to indicate their willingness to volunteer time and talents to the revitalization movement. Eighty respondents submitted cards -- an indica­tion of the community's support. He also noted that excerpts from BHCA's slide show (created by himself) had been used in the presentation at the meeting.


     Gamble Mill Gallery: Pat Casher announced that a meeting of the GMG committee would take place in the near future. He recently obtained a copy of the Mill blue­prints to guide the committee.


Future meetings: Anne Jacobs asked for two volunteers to place phone calls re­minding members and friends of future BHCA meetings. No consensus was reached on whether the effort would result in greater attendance and no volunteers came forward. Announce­ments of the next meeting would continue to be enclosed with the minutes as the only reminder.


The meeting was gradually adjourned without remark.


Respectfully submitted,


Gay D. Dunne




February 4, 1986



c/o Anne Jacobs, President

237 West Linn Street

Bellefonte, PA 16823


Dear BHCA members:


The Summer Concert Series Committee will be meeting again soon to plan the sixth annual "Summer Sounds from the Gazebo" program, one of BHCA's longest-running and best-attended projects. We want to thank BHCA members who have supported the concerts by their attendance, interest and volunteer efforts. We'll be calling on you to help again.


We would like, also, to make an official report to be read into the minutes. In 1985, the Summer Concert Series raised $217.14 through donations from concert­-goers. Since 1981, the committee has generated more than $400 for BHCA's treasury. We have used less than $75.


When we turned the 1985 contributions over to Treasurer True Fisher, we noted that the committee wanted to earmark this money for concert publicity -- including mailings and posters -- and for the purchase of a portable sound system for the park program, BHCA's other events, and other community-group functions.


We will start organizational meetings in April and can submit specific details at that time.




Summer Concert Series Committee

Malady P. Klausmeier

Bonnie Leathers

Sonna McDevitt