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MINUTES May 7, 1986


The meeting was called to order by President Anne Jacobs at 8:20 P.M. at her home. BHCA members present were: Rob Gannon, Kevin Clark, Peter Schneeman, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Melady Klausmeier (Vice-President), True Fisher (Treasurer), and Gay Dunne (Secretary).


Treasurer's Report: True Fisher reported balances of $468.05 and $3440.07 in the checking and savings accounts respectively. Expenses of $174.69 and income of $579.56 (representing grant monies plus interest) had taken place since the last report.


Old Business

1. Summer Sounds concerts: Meladv Klausmeier outlined the tentative schedule for this season of seven weekly concerts from 6/22 through 8/3. The musical groups targeted and largely committed are: Bellefonte High School Stage Band, Elton Bros., Tommy Wareham, Bellefonte Community Band, State College Dance Band, Paragon (Dixie­land), Little German Band or J.P. Rocks, Easy Street. The committee also plans to continue the use of an emcee for each concert representing various Bellefonte organiza­tions, eg. Borough Council, J.C's, Elks Club, to expand community involvement in the series. Organization of the series revolves around a 7-person committee, each member coordinating one concert, setting up chairs, identifying an emcee, making necessary arrangements with the musicians. Committee members at the time of the meeting were: Melady, Sonna McDevitt, Kathy Johnston, Anne Jacobs, Bonnie Leathers, Donna Bradley. The committee as a whole with the Arts Coordinator will prepare publicity -- posters and a bulk-mailed announcement of the season's lineup.

Melady formally requested BHCA's approval of purchase of a sound system plus expenditures for concert publicity as described above. Approval was unanimously granted for a maximum of $217 with the understanding that more than one cost estimate on the sound system be obtained. The membership also enthusiastically commended the committee for their plans for this season.


2. Walking Tours:

a. Kevin Clark reported that Peter Schneeman, Melady Klausmeier, and himself would conduct tours on May 15th for the state Preservation Conference being held at Penn State.

b. Anne Jacobs received a request from the Penn State Alumni Association to provide a walking tour of Bellefonte on June 22nd at no charge. This triggered a general discussion of the future and value of walking tours. A nominal charge of at least $1 per capita to the Alumni Association was decided. An untapped market for walking tours probably exists if BHCA had an adequate supply of tour guides.


3. Gamble Mill: Anne Jacobs delivered the sad news that Pat Casher had resigned from the Mill committee. He will, however, assist in hanging the show tentatively planned for early summer. Four artists will exhibit in that show and the postcard announcement of the show and reception will be mailed in 2-3 weeks. Anne is assuming responsibility for this show but would welcome assistance. The role of the Arts Coordinator will be discussed at the next Arts Coordinator Committee meeting.


4. Arts Coordinator: Gay Dunne introduced and welcomed Joyce Hagen as the new Coordinator. She succeeds Jacqueline Rose, who resigned in April for multiple personal reasons. The scope of the position was reviewed based on the job descrip­tion. Gay laid emphasis on supporting Joyce during her first few months on the job to maximize her longevity in the position. The Coordinator's duties are not well-defined and confusion could result without a strong supervisory committee. To this end, the committee was expanded to include both Peter Schneeman and Rob Gannon in addition to James and Gay Dunne and Hal Hallock. The committee would convene in the near future with Joyce to order priorities and discuss office location, equipment, etc.

The PCA application renewing the Arts Coordinator's position had been prepared and submitted by Anne Jacobs, True & Rob Fisher, Peter Schneeman, and Jacqueline Rose.


New Business

Kevin Clark announced that the Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair was scheduled for August 15 - 17 and would be ushered in by a reception at the Gamble Mill. It was agreed that a show at the Mill would enhance the Fair and improve BHCA's visibility, if time and energy permitted. This project will be more carefully examined at a future meeting.


The June meeting will be held on June 3rd at the home of James and Gay Dunne. The May meeting was adjourned at 10:15 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Gay D. Dunne