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November 19.


Members present: Helen Bechdel, True Fisher (Treasurer), Peter Schneeman, Kevin and Carol Burke, Anne Jacobs, Joan Blasko, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Rob Gannon, and James and Gay Dunne


The minutes from the last meeting were approved without change.




1. Nominations for officers for 1988 were presented:

President-Anne Jacobs and True Fisher will be co-presidents.

Vice-President-This office will remain vacant for 1988 (unless we have an eleventh-hour nomination).

Treasurer-Royce Venay

Secretary-Kevin and Carol Burke will be co-secretaries.


All nominations were approved by unanimous vote.


2. Treasurer's Report- Outgoing treasurer True Fisher reported BHCA checking account balance of $939.63, savings account balance of $2980.12. She noted a PPA contribution of $500 toward Arts Coordination Matching Grant and a $5 membership dues from Ann McKeg.


3. Garver Fund -Anne Jacobs noted that there has been no official word.


4. New members- Joyce Hagen is attempting to locate a laser printer to complete the membership letter and will be contacting Kinko's and/or Rob Fisher for that purpose.


5. Gamble Mill Gallery- Anne Jacobs reported the mailing of the announcement for the gallery show of Dorothy Grebos and Janet Lindsay which will begin Nov. 30, 1987 and run until Jan.29, 1988.

6. Bulk Rate Mailing Privileges- Peter Schneeman initiated discussion about problems with the Arts and Crafts Fair and PPA being unable to use bulk rate mailing privileges because of technical problems with outdated BHCA bylaws. A proposal was made to revise the bylaws with special attention to this matter. Peter further suggested that our member legal experts, Tracey Benson and Claire Kimmel, be involved in a subcommittee to take on this task. True Fisher volunteered to contact them.


7. Gamble Mill Gallery Lighting: Rob Fisher has procured the lights for the Gallery and they may be up in time for the Nov. 30 opening. The Gamble Mill owners have been apprised of the fact that the lights will remain BHCA property.

8. Historic Plaques- Rob Gannon noted that he had reviewed the various possibilities for obtaining brass plaques and had found the price of $16.50 for the sample plaque he brought to be the lowest. It was generally agreed that $50 per plaque would be a fair price with 'profit' going towards BHCA general fund.



1. Subcommittees: Subcommittees for 1988 were established and will meet independently to work on individual projects. BHCA meetings will be hold bimonthly. Subcommittees and members are:


A. Arts Coordinators: Rob Gannon, Peter Schneeman, Gay and Jim Dunne and Anne Jaoobs

B. Local Grants: Peter Schneeman, Rob Fisher, Gay Dunne, Joan Blasko and Helen Bechdel

C. Gamble Mill Gallery: Anne Jacobs, Joyce Hagen. Peter Schneeman proposed the idea that sales of artwork be allowed directly from the Gamble Mill during the exhibit. It was noted that this may be inconvenient for Gamble Mill personnel. The matter will be addressed in the subcommittee.

D. Sunday Concerts: Jim and Gay Dunne

E. Summer Sounds: Melady Kehm and a "group of volunteers". Joyce Hagen suggested that senior citizens -from Centre Crest could be bussed to the summer concerts. It was generally agreed that this is a grand idea that can be further developed in a subcommittee meeting. As an ancillary issue, Joyce will be contacting Tracey Benson to discuss developments about the situation with ASCAP demands of royalties for music played at the concerts.

F. Brass Plaques: Rob Gannon. Joan Blasko reported that plaques in Boalsburg had been offered at no charge (though a contribution was 'optional') and a "historical survey" was made to determine which houses were appropriate. They also supplied the carpenters to place the plaques. Anne Jacobs reported that she had applied for money from the County Commissioners to help underwrite the plaque project and is awaiting word from them.

2. Miscellaneous announcements from Joyce Hagen

A. Mary K. Rubinstein is progressing in her work on the courthouse woodcuts.

B. Harriet Rosenberg's paper-cutting workshop was quite a success -- 18 people registered and 15 attended.

C. Wanda Miller and PPA can be only minimally supportive of summer theatre productions secondary to financial constraints. It was suggested that the unused $400 previously granted to the Bellefonte Light Opera be recovered so that it could go toward supporting this venture. Peter Schneeman volunteered to contact Corene Johnston who was involved in obtaining the $100 that she procured as part of the grant. Anne Jacobs further suggested that Wanda could apply to the County Commissioners and Garver Fund for additional monies.

D. A letter was received from the PA Arts Coalition announcing upcoming hearings concerning promotion of the arts: Dec. 7 in Philadelphia, Dec. 9 in Harrisburg, Dec. 11 in Pittsburgh. A volunteer to represent BHCA would be most appreciated.

E. A letter was received from the National Endowment for the Arts soliciting nominations for the 1988 recipient of the National Medal of Arts. After reviewing a list of previous recipients, it was decided that BHCA would not submit a nomination this year.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol and Kevin Burke