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January 15, 1987


Members and guests present: Anne Jacobs (President), Peter Schneeman, True Fisher (Treasurer)& Rob Fisher, Kevin & Carol Burke, Rob Gannon, Melady Klausmeier (Vice-president), John West, Gay Dunne (Secretary), Vicki Rourke, and her companion, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator)


President Anne Jacobs called the meeting to order at 8:32 P.M. at the Schneemans' home. The November minutes were approved as written by a motion from Rob Gannon, seconded by Joyce Hagen.


     True Fisher presented the Treasurer's report as of 1/14/87:

        $4062.20    savings account

          455.30    checking account

        $4517.50    total assets

The rather dramatic growth in funds since the last report stems from receipt of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant for the Arts Coordinator plus 6 individual memberships and a $10 contribution.


Old Business


I. Gamble Mill Gallery

     Anne Jacobs announced the next Gallery opening on February 20 of a show by Diane Pepe and Joan Blasko. It will be publicized by a bulk-mailed postcard in early February.


II. Arts Co-ordinator

     A. Matching Funds

1. True Fisher reported Pat Casher's refusal to establish a co-operative art gallery in the Hotel Brockerhoff.

2. Peter Schneeman repeated his promise to investigate the process of applying to the Elks Club's Carver Fund.

3. Champagne reception following the Rosetti Kwintet concert - March 5th

This fundraiser was agreed upon at the last meeting and would offer the public an opportunity to meet the Dutch musicians in a social setting, to have a glimpse of the Dunne's home, and to bolster the financial vitality of the organization. It was decided to relocate the concert to the large courtroom, if possible, to accom­modate a larger audience. Gay Dunne agreed to request permission from the County Commissioners. The Dunnes estimated that their home would hold 125 persons. The concert and reception will be jointly publicized by a bulk-mailed invitation contain­ing a reservation form. Tickets for the reception would be sold by advance reservation only for $12/person and would be available at the door of the concert.


     Division of labor for the event:

Rob & True Fisher: invitation design

Joyce Hagen: mailing, reservations

Anne Jacobs: food

Peter Schneeman: portable coat rack

Joan Blasko was suggested for table decoration expertise. Champagne glasses might be rented through Unlimited Rent-All, which has a reputation for philanthropy.


     B. Update on Arts Coordinator's activities - Joyce Hagen


Joyce reported that Pennsylvania Council on the Arts had again approved a $3500 Local Government Grant for Bellefonte, matched by the Boro -- a total of $7000 to subsidize the arts in Bellefonte.

The Arts & Crafts Fair had used BHCA's bulk-rate permit as a member privilege.


Joyce classified her activities thus far as centering around publicity for Gamble Mill Gallery events, Library concerts, and preparing BHCA grant award letters. She also assisted PPA in preparing grant applications to the Pa. Council on the Arts.


III. Residual heat deposit at Gamble Mill

    The existence of an unused portion of a deposit made in 1984 by BHCA to the Gamble Mill for heat costs in the Gallery was hotly debated. Because of the passage of time and the excellent rapport between BHCA and the Gamble Mill, it was decided to forget any remaining portion of the deposit.


New Business

John West, jewelry craftsman with a studio in the Crider Exchange and a recent arrival from Santa Fe, shared his observations and concerns about Bellefonte's down­town district. It is his opinion that this is a crucial time economically in Bellefonte's revitalization process. He feels that the downtown district could build more logically on a theme approach and that art is a natural theme choice for Bellefonte. An imposing collection of artists and craftsmen in downtown Bellefonte would soon distinguish it from the surrounding communities and attract consumers for that reason. He personally supports the establishment of a cooperative gallery in the Crider Exchange and is seeking an interested individual to structure and coordinate such a gallery. John will be glad to show available space in the Crider Exchange at any time (353-0114).


The next meeting will be held on February 10th, Tuesday, at the home of James and Gay Dunne, at 8 P.M.


The meeting more or less dissolved at 10:40 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Gay D. Dunne