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February 10, 1987


Members present: Rob Gannon, Anne Jacobs (President), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Peter Schneeman, Claire Kimmel, Tracey Benson, Kevin & Carol Burke, Gay Dunne (Secretary) & Jim Dunne


Anne Jacobs called the February meeting, at the home of the Dunnes, to order at 8:15 P.M.


The report in January's minutes on fundraising via a cooperative gallery in the Hotel Brockerhoff a la Gamble Mill Gallery was revised as follows (Old Business, II,A,2): "True Fisher reported that Pat Casher was interested in working with BHCA to develop a cooperative art gallery displaying work of local artists, insofar as his budget would allow."

The minutes were then approved with a motion by Peter Schneeman, seconded by Anne Jacobs.


The following Treasurer's report was delivered by Gay Dunne in the treasurer's absence:

         $3964.39    savings account as of 2/9/87

      614.02    checking account as of 2/9/87

         $4578.41    total assets

The fund balance includes $25 membership dues from BLOC and $29 in contributions from January's Library concert.


Old Business


I. 1987 Library Concert Series


The Dunnes reported that the series opening concert, Paul Laird on cello, accom­panied by his spouse, Joy, drew an audience of 45. The next concert on 2/15 would feature Barry & Susan Kroeker, oboe & flute.


II. Fundraising (very old business)

     A. Garver Fund - Peter Schneeman has not yet investigated the Elks Club fund as a source of support monies. He resolved anew to inquire about the application process.


     B. Champagne Reception after Rosetti Kwintet concert


Gay Dunne discussed the preliminary arrangements and job assignments.

Preliminary arrangements: The large courtroom had been secured for the concert. Reception invitations had been designed by True & Rob Fisher, printed by King Printing, and had been mailed out. Jim Dunne would release a bulk mailing of postcards simultaneously announcing the Rosetti Kwintet concert and the second March concert within the next few days.

Job Assignments:

Anne Jacobs - oversee hors d`oeuvres menu, solicit contributions

Burkes - purchase champagne

Joan Blasko - create flower arrangements with Rob Fisher's assistance, if possible.

Peter Schneeman - portable coat racks

Claire Kimmel - rent champagne glasses and plates from Unlimited Rentall

Tracey Benson & Claire Kimmel - check guests in and collect ticket

money due at the door

Rob Fisher & Peter Schneeman - champagne porters

Claire Kimmel & Joyce Hagen - pass hors d'oeuvres


Joyce Hagen reported that she planned to submit an article to the CDT on the concert and reception as well as listing it in the Calendar of Events, Town & Gown, and State College magazine. The importance of adequate and timely publicity was emphasized by Peter Schneeman, who recommended an advance CDT article as soon as possible focusing on the reception, accompanied by a photograph of the exterior or interior of the Dunne's home. Joyce agreed to use her persuasive powers to arrange CDT coverage with a photographer.


The February meeting adjourned at 9:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Gay D. Dunne