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April 16, 1987



Members present: Anne Jacobs (President), True Fisher (Treasurer) & Rob Fisher; James and Gay Dunne (Secretary), Peter Schneeman, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Helen Bechdel, and Carol Burke.


The meeting, held at the Rob Fisher home, was called to order by Anne Jacobs at 8:30 P.M.


The minutes of the February 10th meeting were approved with a motion by Rob Gannon, seconded by James Dunne.


Treasurer's Report

     Champagne Reception:   $557.00   tickets & donations

                             325.07   expenses

                            $231.93   profit


     Assets as of 4/16/87:  $3178.39   savings account

                              504.08   checking account

                            $3682.47   total

A group analysis of the meager profit realized from the champagne reception identified a general increase in cultural events and its coincidence with PSU's spring break as possible factors. Also, an event of this genre may have less current appeal to the public than formerly.


Old Business:


I. Fundraising


A. Historic plaques - Rob Gannon suggested reviving this project as an exclusive BHCA project rather than as a joint effort with HBI. The project was originally conceived to market brass plaques to historic building owners that would bear the year the building was erected. Details of the project have become vague with time with no definite contact at Cerro, no established design, plan for marketing, cost, or projected profit margin. Peter Schneeman recommended preliminary market research into these points before embarking on the project. The members agreed with this approach. Anne Jacobs suggested that it might be funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Historic Commission, but this year's application deadline had passed.


B. Garver Fund - Peter Schneeman had at long last inquired into application particulars. Applications could be submitted at any time, but most of the funds were awarded in the late fall. He had obtained an application which Joyce Hagen was to work on completing.


II. Summer Sounds concert series

     The core committee, consisting of Melady Kehm, Sonna McDevitt, and Bonnie Leathers, planned to enlist musicians, solo and ensembles, for this summer's series within the next few weeks.


III. Local Government Grant

Joyce Hagen reported that the Grant Review Committee has $3500 + matching funds to dispense for the 1987-88 year. The application deadline is May 30, and grants will be awarded by mid-June. The grant will be publicized in the Centre Daily Times and has been announced in the Art Alliance newsletter.


IV. Gamble Mill Gallery

Anne Jacobs commented on various aspects of gallery operation:

1. Guidelines for exhibiting artists are needed, stipulating (a) that they hang their own works and (b) that a specified percentage of works be available for sale.

2. A select mailing list, distinct from the BHCA mailing list, should be developed to announce gallery openings.

3. Future shows should be more widely publicized, eg. in State College magazine.

4. Track lighting would greatly enhance the display of art works at the Gallery. Anne intends to submit an application to Bellefonte"s Local Government Grant program for the lighting.

5. The Gallery needs to become a profit-making, or at least self-supporting, venture. General agreement was reached on increasing BHCA's 20% commission on works sold. Peter Schneeman suggested 35%; this was promptly seconded by James Dunne and unanimously approved.

6. Anne Jacobs announced the July 5th opening for the next show, featuring works by Joyce Hagen and Claudia Towner.


New Business


I. Student walking tours: Anne Jacobs reported that Dona Goldman had requested Bellefonte walking tours for groups of junior high students, numbering about 32. Melady Kehm might be the tour guide. Peter Schneeman raised the possibility of renting a portable sound system for larger groups such as this.


II. Bulk rate permit: The Arts & Crafts Fair and BLOC, both recent BHCA members, have been denied use of BHCA's bulk permit by the Post Office. Documentation that these organizations are themselves non-profit or that they are active members in good standing is first required. After a lengthy, circular discussion, Peter Schneeman agreed to consult Joe Green, who had provided legal advice at BHCA's inception, to legally incorporate the new organizations into our bylaws, thereby resolving this problem.


III. Cynthia Nixon-Hudson's lecture: Ms. Nixon-Hudson had included a slide lecture on her bid for a Bellefonte Local Government Grant resulting in the fabric triptych hanging in the Borough building. It was decided to follow through with her offer. Joyce Hagen was instructed to arrange her lecture at the Gamble Mill during the second week of May.


IV. Fundraising - once more with gusto

Anne Jacobs suggested holding a square dance as a summer fundraiser. The three sites considered, in order of preference, were Curtin Village barn, Gamble Mill, or Undines. Curtin Village could be serviced by a special run of the Historical Railroad. Anne knows of a caller who would provide his services gratis if the musicians were to be paid. Gay Dunne volunteered to explore the logistics of scheduling railroad transportation and of using Curtin Village.


The April meeting was adjourned precisely at 10:38 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Gay D. Dunne