Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
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Minutes of Past Meetings


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November 10, 1989


Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-president), Joan Blasko (Treasurer), Kevin & Carol Burke, Jim and Gay Dunne, Craig Fisher, True Fisher (President), Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Anne Jacobs, Melady Kehm, Dale Orndorf, Judith Schardt, and Peter Schneeman.


The November 10 meeting, held at the Fisher home, was called to order by True Fisher, president, at 8:07 p.m.


Melady Kehm recommended that these minutes reflect the high success of the Film Forum, co-chaired by Joe Vasey and Judith Schardt.


Peter Schneeman moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved, typos and all.


Joan Blasko, treasurer, was present to give her report. The books are balanced, she alleged, ready to be passed on to the new treasurer.


New officers, elected unanimously, are:

President         True Fisher

Vice-president    Helen Bechdel

Treasurer         Judith Schardt

Secretary         Rob Gannon

(Under new guidelines, the vice-president for one year is expected to move to the presidency the next year, while the retiring president assumes the unofficial position of presidential adviser for one year.)


True announced that Joyce Hagen once again has been hired as Arts Coordinator. Joyce had no report, but discussed the new weekly newspaper, Keystone Gazette, which emerged from the wreckage of the Centre Democrat. She also suggested approaching the CDT for another grant, and the Garver Fund as well. Among possible Garver grants:



Craft show: True reported that all spaces are taken, with a good number of requests left over. The show will be held on December 9 and 10 (9-5 on Saturday, noon-6 on Sunday), and BHCA will share a table with HBI.  Melady and Rob will be handling tables. Undine Fire Company can't loan them this year, but Peg Casher is trying to get some from St. John's church. Some are available, perhaps, from the union hall. Craig Fisher suggested Hoag's Catering as a renter, and possibly a donator. Needed are 25. County prisoners will do the carrying. Peter and True will open the booth in the mornings.  Judith will handle coffee details on Saturday, Helen Bechdel on Sunday.


Kevin and Carol Burke's fundraiser: True announced that the harpist, Elizabeth Etters, is confirmed, and that the Alard String Quartet will accompany her. A date, however, has not yet been coordinated. It should fall somewhere between February and April, probably on a Sunday.


Someone suggested a map to help people find the Burkes'.


Anne Jacobs will see to the selection of champagne, including intensive testing. Peter will get the glasses.


Rob Fisher and Joan will design the invitations.


Carol will plan menu and assign cooks.


General fundraising: A second letter will be sent to those who haven't renewed memberships.


Historic Committee: Melady reported that Candy Dannaker suggested that we slow down a bit on developing the revolving fund. Candy felt that the borough needs first to develop a broader base of support. She instead suggested fund raisers for specific projects--the Friends' School (owned by the Knights of Columbia), for instance.


True and Bonnie Leathers have been discussing Melady's idea for a symposium for contractors and others involved with building. Melady offered to chair that committee. Dale Orndorf offered to help her.  Melady and Dale will also look into developing a design prize to be given periodically (or occasionally) to those who do outstanding jobs of building, remodeling, or renovation.


Gamble Mill Gallery: Joyce said that we need new exibitors. We're starting to repeat.


Plaque Committee: Two plaques are outstanding, said Rob Gannon. He said that he needs help in the paperwork; Dale offered to assist in tracking down worthy homes, while Rob will continue to send out letters.


Next meeting: January 5, at the Burkes. 7:30.