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8 March 1989


Present: Joan Blasko (Treasurer), Carol and Kevin Burke, Gay Dunne, Craig Fisher, True Fisher (President), Debbie Ingram (Arts Coordinator), Claire Kimmel, Judith Schardt, Peter Schneeman (Secretary), JoAnne Tosti-Vasey and Joe Vasey.


1. True announced that the PPA production of Anything Goes was coming up on the following two weekends, March 10 and 11, and 17 and 18, with a Gala at the Gamble Mill following the March 10 performance.


2. The Minutes of the last meeting (1 Feb 89) were approved as submitted, though True Fisher noted that there may be some disagreement about item 4d, regarding the Talleyrand Park Committee rejoining the Chamber of Commerce. Park Committee members were to meet following this meeting in order to clarify this point.


3. In response to a query from Claire Kimmel, it was decided that True and Claire would meet sometime soon in order to review the BHCA by-laws in order to bring them up to date with the current procedures of the organization.


4. Joan Blasko gave the treasurer's report:

Savings:    $3885.24

Checking:   $ 857.78


Joan also noted that the total income, from all sources, for 1988, was $10,897.36, a figure she tallied when preparing the annual statement for the IRS.


5. True introduced the new arts coordinator, Debbie Ingram, who gave the following report:

a. Gallery. For the current opening, Joyce Hagen is handling the press releases, Debbie the postcards and mailing; i.e. during this transitional period, they are sharing responsibilities.


b. Upcoming deadlines:

PCA arts coordinator grant: 31 March

PCA mailing grant.

A discussion of these two grants followed, and it was decided that we should apply for $600 for the mailing grant, and $4000 for the arts coordinator grant. The mailing grant requires match, and the arts coordinator grant will be for $2000 from the PCA, with a $2000 match. Although it's possible, and even likely, that we will not get the entire $2000 from the PCA (assuming the grant is awarded), it was felt that if the full amount were received, Debbie could well spend time exploring new possibilities for funding.


c. Membership development. The question arose regarding the whereabouts of the guest books from the gallery openings and the library concerts, since these can be used as sources for new members. Jim Dunne probably has the one from the library, Susan Gephart possibly the other. Debbie would check into this.

Discussion of this year's membership drive letter was deferred until the next meeting, since Debbie would have enough to do with the grant proposals for the time being.

There was some discussion, however, as to whether a letter should be sent again to businesses. The general consensus seemed to be yes, but to selected businesses, i.e. generally those businesses deemed likely to support BHCA and not to be annoyed by a solicitation for funds. Debbie will get from Joyce and bring to the next meeting the list of businesses used for last year's mailing, as well as a copy of the letter that was sent out.


6. Film series. Judith Schardt and Joe Vasey said that so far they had been looking primarily at commercial places as a source for films for a series, the cost from which would be about $500 for a series of 4 films. They will also look into what's available through the library and the university. The current plan is to show the films at the Gamble Mill between gallery openings. Judith and Joe will make an application to the Local Arts Grant Committee for this project. There was also some discussion as to whether there should be a requested donation or whether the event(s) should be free; the general feeling seemed to be in favor of a requested donation, particularly if the Gamble Mill were the site of the series.


7. Gay Dunne announced that the Sylvan Trio would be playing at the library Sunday, March 12. There was some discussion of the fact that, since Gay and Jim were unable to attend the last concert -- probably the best attended to date -- the opportunity to raise some money was almost missed. In this context, True said that Bob Dannaker had expressed willingness to be the backup person for the Dunnes in such situations.


8. True announced that Melady Kehm has reported that plans for the Summer Sounds are proceeding smoothly.


9. Claire Kimmel sounded out the persons present as to their feelings about the continuation of Victorian Christmas, since that organization is in something of a crisis. The response was overwhelmingly favorable, and it was suggested that Victorian Christmas take advantage of the upcoming Town Meeting at the Bush House on March 31 (7:00 - 8:30 p.m., tickets $4) in order to let the community know there is a crisis, and to get volunteers to help keep it going. It was also suggested that something in the CDT (e.g. article, interview, "Good Morning" item) might also be helpful in generating new interest.

Claire also announced that there will be a meeting about this on April 26 in courtroom #2 at 7:00 p.m.


9. Craig Fisher reported briefly on the discussion he and Rob Gannon had on the plaque project. Rob has suggested changing the requirements for the paperwork needed for background on the properties requesting plaques. Since this is apparently such a stumbling block, there seemed to be a general consensus that this would probably be a good idea. It was suggested that if this is done, then it might be a good idea to redo the mailing, and that there should perhaps be a telephone follow-up to those property owners who've expressed interest but have not followed through, or others who seem "likely prospects." Craig will get back together with Rob about this.


10. In this context of fund-raising, Debbie Ingram briefly described a "silent auction," a type of fundraiser she's had experience with and which has proved to be very successful.


11. The next meeting will be at Peter Schneeman's (hopefully) at 7:30, Wednesday, April 19th.


12. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Peter Schneeman