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19 April 1989


Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-president), Carol and Kevin Burke, Jim Dunne, Craig Fisher, Rob and True Fisher (President), Rob Gannon, Joyce Hagen, Debbie Ingram (Arts Coordinator), Melady Kehm, Claire Kimmel, Judith Schardt, Peter Schneeman (Secretary), Joan Blasko (Treasurer), Joanne Tosti-Vasey, and Joe Vasey.


1. The Minutes of the meeting of 8 March were approved with the following emendation: In item 5c, substitute "a" for "no" so that it reads, "...the mailing grant requires a match...."


2. Debbie Ingram reported that the grant proposals to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (for support of the Arts Coordinator position, and general operating expenses) were submitted on time. Assistance was provided by Joan Blasko, Gay Dunne, True Fisher and Joyce Hagen. Reports from the PCA may be available in June and July.


3. Debbie and Melady Kehm also reported on the large number of proposals received this year for the Local Arts Grant -- seventeen, and apparently the largest number received so far. Debbie remarked on the particular effectiveness of a notice in the "Good Morning" column in generating responses.  The Review Committee will meet sometime shortly after May 5.


4. Jim Dunne reported on the steadily increasing attendance at the Sunday Afternoon at the Library concerts.  $22.50 was received at the most recent concert. Helen Bechdel said that the 50 cents was hers – it was all she had.


5.  Rob Fisher reported briefly on the imminent restart of work on Talleyrand Park.  Six persons are expected to be on the work crew, and the first project will be completion of the arbor, followed by bricking of the top of the raceway lid.  There was some brief discussion on the difference between an arbor and a pergola.  Your secretary now reports that Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language defines an arbor as “a place shaded by trees or shrubs or, especially, by vines on a latticework; bower”; and a pergola as “a tunnel-shaped structure of latticework, upon which climbing plants are grown [emphasis added]." Inasmuch as our soon-to-be shaded place is not tunnel-shaped, we could not be said to have a pergola, but an arbor; though this is not to say that we could not have a pergola if we so desired, thus having a park with a gazebo (with cupola), an arbor, and a pergola. Further, if the pergola were to end at, or “give out upon,” an appropriate place, we might also have a prospect – of, say, the Beautiful Fountain (La Belle Fontaine) – in addition to the overlook and cascade already there.  Voltaire, in old age at Chateau de Ferney, used to receive guests at the end of splendid pergola of cut beeches, where he enjoyed the prospect of the approaching self-important ladies of Geneva, “struggling,” according to Kenneth Clark, “to prevent their mountains of fashionable hair from becoming entangled in the branches.”  If it matters.


6.  Joyce Hagen reported that the Gamble Mill Gallery Committee will be meeting in order to complete the scheduling of shows for the coming year. Mike Bettison was mentioned as a contact for "site-specific" music for the openings (and possibly other events).


7. Joan Blasko delivered the Treasurer's Report:

       Balances: Savings ........ $2962.24

                 Checking ....... $ 420.54

All bills in hand had been paid, including the bill from Ed Garcia ($667.42).


8. Judith Schardt and Joe Vasey reported that they have made a request to the Local Governments Arts Grant for support money. Alternative sources for films have been explored, to include Pattee Library at Penn State and the County Library, where feature films are available at much more reasonable prices than from commercial sources. They are currently thinking about starting in September, and would use the large room in the Gamble Mill on Tuesday evenings.


9. Rob Gannon reported that the Plaque Committee has sent out a follow­up letter, saying, in effect, that "we want only money" -- i.e. that the documentation requirements need not be adhered to very stringently, if at all(?). Melady Kehm is joining with Rob and Craig and they will discuss methods of generating more response from potential buyers.


10. Claire Kimmel provided a lengthy analysis of the extensive changes that will be needed in order to bring the by-laws up to date so that they correspond to the evolved practices of the organization. As a result of the discussion of the various issues involved, Claire will bring a new draft of the by-laws to the next meeting for discussion and vote.


11. Claire then asked if the BHCA would be willing to take on the responsibility of organizing and running the Arts and Crafts Fair for Victorian Christmas this coming December. She explained that this basically involves (1) reserving the YMCA for the activity, (2) contacting potential exhibitors, screening them, etc., then (3) ensuring that sufficient tables etc. are there for the event itself.

After a relatively brief discussion of the pros and cons of BHCA involvement, there was general agreement that BHCA will take on this project. Specifically volunteering assistance were: Helen Bechdel, Craig Fisher, True Fisher, Rob Gannon, Debbie Ingram, Melady Kehm, Judith Schardt, Peter Schneeman, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, and Joe Vasey.


12. Debbie Ingram delivered the Arts Coordinator report:

(1) Grant proposals are in (see item 2 above).

(2) Dates for gallery shows and concerts.

(3) Description of publicity procedures for events.

(4) The Centre Region Recreational Authority is soliciting people to join task force committees to look into the possibility of creating an arts center for the Centre Region. There was considerable discussion of the value of the BHCA becoming involved in this, the upshot being that Melady and True will look into it and report back.

(5) Easels have been set up at the library and the Chamber of Commerce to provide space for announcements of coming events. There is also talk of putting one in the Diamond -- this latter idea was met with general lack of enthusiasm, if not disapproval.


13. Joyce Hagen said that the grant that brought Ed Garcia in as a "facilitator" was two-part, and asked whether we would like to have a follow-up, and if so, when? A final report will be due in any case. Debbie will check the grant dates, and True will check with Joan regarding the money remaining in the treasury for this.


14. Regarding this year's fundraising letter, Melady and Gay will go over the list of businesses (provided by Debbie) for the next meeting.


15. True and Debbie will work on the membership letter for the May meeting. Target this for now; maybe other specific projects later.


16. The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 31st, at Rob and True Fishers', 228 N. Allegheny Street.


17. Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, `


Peter Schneeman