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Minutes, October 26, 1990



Helen Bechdel (President), George Dempsie, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Rob Gannon (Secretary), Carol Burke, and Kevin Burke. Judith Schardt (Treasurer) arrived about 10:00 p.m.


Meeting was called to order at 8:06 p.m. by Helen. The minutes were reviewed and Helen questioned why the Old House books appeared in both income and cost columns. Joyce explained this to her. The only correction to the minutes was the following written comment by Peter Schneeman:



As of right now I won't be able to make the BHCA meeting on Friday-I have to go out to dinner w/ the visiting poet. However, I do want it noted in the minutes that the implication that I forgot the meeting (me, forget?) is erroneous and possibly actionable. I did not know, about the meeting since the Minutes from the previous meeting never reached me. Blame the secretary or the post office, but not me.

                                    Yours, Peter


Rob Gannon moved that officer nominees be accepted by acclamation.  Helen remarked that Melady (VP nominee) is not willing to become President next year but will serve as VP this year. No nominations were presented from the floor. Helen called for a vote. The following slate for 1990-1991 was accepted by acclamation:

President - Helen Bechdel

Vice President - Melady Kehm

Secretary - Joe Vasey and Joanne Tosti-Vasey
Treasurer - Judith Schardt


We had a quick discussion of by-laws. They require an executive committee. True Fisher had suggested to Helen before True left for the Orient that the people who attend meetings be designated the "executive committee" and other members who don't attend meetings but do things for BHCA be designated as "members." This was agreed to by all.


True also relayed a message from Betty Hawland to Helen that Betty wants to stay active but can't regularly attend meetings and will work with Peter Schneeman on the grant.


Joyce Hagen then gave her report:


Joe Vasey gave the Film Committee report. The presentations will start in January at the Elks Club; popcorn will be served. Showings will be on Wednesday night. Publicity will be taken out in Town and Gown and the State College Magazine,, among others. It looks like a set of series tickets may not be plausible given the time constraints--i.e., not everything is finalized and we don't have enough information to print, distribute, and sell series tickets at this point.


Rob Gannon had no report on the Plaques.


There was no report on the Old House Fair as there has not yet been a meeting.

True Fisher left some notes with Helen Bechdel regarding Victorian Christmas before she left for the Orient.

Helen Bechdel is no longer planning to go to the Smithsonian Costume Workshop/Program since the U.S. Congress and the President have had so much trouble putting together a budget.

We then took a break, hoping Judith Schardt would show up.  After Judith arrived, we set up the next meeting for November 30, 1990 at 7:30 p.m. at Helen Bechdel's home.

Judith gave the Treasurer's Report for October 26.


Current Report

Last Report:



October 26, 1990

September 28, 1990



3000.00                                               3000.00



1595.11                                                1895.11



                 484.40                                                  473.40






Arts Coordinator



Misc Expenses





George Dempsie moved that we adjourn.  Joe Vasey seconded the motion.  Motion was carried.