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Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association Minutes
November 30, 1990


Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Rob Cannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-president), Carol Burke, Kevin Burke, Sarah Trost, David Trost, True Fisher, Rob Fisher, Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Joan Blasko, and Peter Schneeman. Judith Schardt (Treasurer) arrived about 10:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.m. at Helen Bechdel's home by Helen Bechdel. David and Sarah Trost were introduced to the group. They recently purchased and moved into the Euler house on West Curtin Street.


Peter read a letter that was sent to BHCA from the visitors from the Commissioner of Public Works, North Hempstead, NY praising the Talleyrand Park committee for the work done on the Park. They noted that it would have cost them several million dollars to do the same type of work in their area.


Corrections to the October minutes were then made. First, Melady stated that neither the Elks Club nor the Garver Fund supported the Old House Fair. They will be asked for support in the future. Second, Melady asked us to get her name straight; it's Melady, NOT Melody. Third, the price of the 1991 calendars is $7.50, not $7.00. Both prices were discussed by the calendar committee before the higher price was selected.


Old business was very limited. Helen told us that no one had represented BHCA at the last Victorian Christmas meeting. That's it.


New business was then discussed. We're not sure why these were scheduled under new business since we've heard about most of these before. But since that's where they came up, that's where they're reported!

·     Arts and Crafts Fair at Victorian Christmas -- True Fisher reported. The Fair will occur on December 7th and 8th.       All booths have been filled. There are 36 artists, including craft items, spinners, and glass blowers.        Five more artists are on the waiting list. True asked for volunteer workers for the Fair.   Rob Cannon said that Chuck Brown had volunteers. Rob and Melady (we got it right this time!) volunteered for Friday set-up. Helen & Judith volunteered for Sunday coffee. Rob Fisher volunteered for Friday setup and Sunday tear down. Sarah and David volunteered to handle the BHCA table on either Saturday or Sunday.

·     Calendars -- True Fisher and Anne Jacobs have distributed the calendars. The News-stand refused to handle the calendars because they're going out of business. Joan Blasko had 25 extra copies of the calendars that she presented to the owners of the featured doors. True collected checks made out to BHCA from members present as they took a few calendars each to sell to whomever.

Joyce gave her report.


Other Committee Reports:

Back to Victorian Christmas. Melady is conducting the BHCA Walking Tours of downtown. She will be doing twp of the tours and Peter will be doing one tour. One of the Robs (we didn't write down your last name--I just guess one of you'll have to change your name/nickname). suggested that several people learn how to conduct the tours. Other suggested tour guides included Lisa Peters, Chuck Young, and Donna Goldman.


Old House Fair. Melady has agreed to serve on the committee but will not chair it this year. True Fisher will contact people who might be interested in working on this committee. If you are interested, please call her. The group appears to be leaning towards a program on interiors or on landscaping/streetscaping (Elisa Pennypacker's proqram) for this year's fair. Committee will meet in January. Roger Moss' signed book will be sold at the Victorian Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair.


There was no report from the Film Committee because Joe used the 1990 BHCA calendar and missed the last meeting. Judith provided the scheduling of the series after she arrived. All programs start at 7 p.m. at the Elks Lodge on High Street in Bellefonte (of course!). Schedule is as follows:

Wed January 23 - Ross Spears -"Long Shadows" plus 3-D Slide presentation.

Wed January 30 - Dierdre Primbram - Social documentary on single mothers and AIDS.

Wed February 6 - P.J. O'Connell - Observational documentary. Wed February 13 - Feature Artist - TBA

Wed February 20 - Panel Discussion - including Ross Spears, Dierdre Primbram, P.J. O'Connell, George Hornbein and Lorna Rasmussen.


Schedule of BHCA Happenings:

Next Gallery Opening -- Wednesday, December 18. Terry Johnson will be exhibiting Clay Tiles, and Joy Mernon-Roger will present her Calligraphy.


Next Concert in the Library -- Sunday, January 20, the Wind Quintet of the Nittany Valley Symphony.


The Bosom Buddies Interpretive Costume Show that was scheduled for Valentine's Day was cancelled as the artists are not available. Interest in having the show sometime in the future was expressed. Joanne suggested having the show presented in the Opera House.


Judith gave the Treasurer's Report for November 30.





Current Report

November 30, 1990




Last Report:

October 26, 1990





Ed Leos Commission

Book (O.H.F)







Arts Coordinator

528.00 (October & November)

Gamble Hill Gallery


Operating Expenses



Fundraising Letter





The CD matures on December 28. A decision on what to do with the CD needs to be made within the next 10 days. Both the Treasurer and President are authorized to handle this.

Melady asked Judith if the $25.00 for the train station roof had been sent yet. Judith said no, but that she would take care of it.


Other announcements:

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 25, 7:30 p.m: at Peter's House. That's the Brockerhoff Mill on the edge of town at the corner of Route 550 and the road to Fisherman's Paradise.


Rob Fisher noted that BHCA acted as a conduit for a grant from PCA to Jules Thayer, Ferona Claff, and Scott Robinson for the production of an interactive, multimedia jazz experience video. In other words, a video of Rob Fisher's trip to Saudi Arabia will be musically interpreted with jazz by Jules and his jazz group. The "Work in Progress" show will be presented at the Knitting Factory in NYC sometime in May. The World Premier of the work will be presented at the 1991 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.


Peter moved that we adjoin. It was seconded by acclamation at 10:25 p.m.