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January 5, 1990

Present: Tony D'Augelli, Helen Bechdel (Vice-President), Joan Blasko, John Bubb, Kevin & Carol Burke, George Dempsie, Jim and Gay Dunne, Craig Fisher, Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Bill Holahan, Melady Kehm, Mark Leezer, Ed Lotz, Romayne Naylor, Dale Orndorf, and Judith Schardt (Treasurer).


The January 5 meeting, held at the Burke home, was called to order by Helen Bechdel, vice president (in the absence of True Fisher, president), sometime before 8 p.m.


Minutes of the December meeting were read aloud. They were heartily approved.

Treasurer's report (in round numbers):

* In the bank: $4141.




* Income during the month:

Library concerts:




Gamble Mill commissions




Film series








Victorian Christmas







* Expenditures during the month:

Arts coordinator




Gamble Mill




Film series




Victorian Christmas











Helen reported for True that the Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts show netted about $545 for BHCA.


Joyce said she has received donations totaling $75 in response to the business-solicitation.


The next gallery opening (and reception) will be on January 16.

The next Sunday Afternoon at the Library concert will be on January 21.


Films: True passes the word that she has had other inquires from filmmakers who would like to show their works.


Joyce reported that the letter to CDT requesting funding--suggested in the December meeting--has been sent.


Rob Gannon said that two more historical house plaques have been sold. Dale reported that he has been residing in the county tax office, listing homeowners who might be interested in plaques. Rob will coordinate the sending of letters to appropriate property owners.


The concert at the Burke's home will be held on April 8, Palm Sunday. Playing will be:

Diane Gold, flute             $75 fee

Elizabeth Etters, harp        $75 fee

Alard String Quartet          $150 fee


Most of the discussion revolved around silverware, serving platters, punch bowls, and especially, champagne flutes, which Carol not only understands, but has planned for. A few other details were firmed: parking will be at random, for example, and the price will be $40 for each guest. Attendance will be limited to about 45, which should result in a profit of about $1,000.


The menu resulted in lively discussion, especially concerning veal. Pro-veal forces capitulated in favor of something else, not at the time determined.


The menu, as worked out by Carol:


Shrimp and olive cocktail loaf

Cranberry brie

Onion cheese tartlets

Salmon mousse

Mushroom strudel

Seafood quiches

Date-and-nut bread

Cream cheese hazelnut & orange

Cream cheese & pineapple

Assorted cookies

Red velvet punch



Coffee & tea



Other ideas:        Meatballs

                    Cheese & crackers
Chafing dish crab


Carol asked for a sandwich-spreading crew for the day of the event. Melady offered to be that crew. Helen offered to make date-and-nut bread. Anne Jacobs was recommended to be a part of the general food-generating unit; the vote in favor was unanimous.


Romayne Naylor (a Keystone Gazette writer) thought that her paper might feature the menu on its new food page.


The performance will begin at 4 p.m.

Discussion as to what the event might be called resulted in "Victorian High Tea Featuring a Musicale." Or something.


Next meeting: February 9, at Helen's (349 E. Curtin). 8 p.m.