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February 9, 1990

Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-president), Joan Blasko, Kevin & Carol Burke, George Dempsie, Jim Dunne, Mary Galligan, Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Bill Holahan, Melady Kehm, Romayne Naylor, Judith Schardt (Treasurer) and Peter Schneeman.


The February 9 meeting, held at Helen Bechdel's home, was called to order by Helen, vice president (in the absence of True Fisher, president), at 8:19 p.m.


The minutes of the January 5, 1990 meeting were accepted with levity.


Judith Schardt presented the treasurer's report:

Savings as of last report, Jan 5

Savings as of this date

Checking as of this date


$ 4141.02





Plaques                        $100.00

Memberships                     220.00

Grants                          600.00

Interest                         52.03

Total                           972.03


Arts coordinator                187.50

Gamble Mill Gallery             267.39

Operating expenses               74.00

Total                           528.89


The money now rests in relatively low-interest accounts. Judith is planning to look at other kinds of accounts to see if we should switch funds.

Joyce Hagen, as arts coordinator, reported that:

She has received an additional donation of $25 from her fundraising letter. The question arose concerning thank-you letters. A consensus developed that letters be sent to contributors of $25 and more.


She has received no response yet from the CDT or Garver Fund.


The Pennsylvania Local Arts Network has invited us to join, for $25. The consensus was that we should.


In a discussion regarding grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Joyce suggested that we supply Bill Daniels (our contact there) with a continuing supply of material about our activities, including invitations, news releases, and announcements.


We will again apply to the Pennsylvania Council for a matched postage grant. (We received $450 the first year, $600 the second.) We will also apply again for a grant for arts coordinator, which we failed to receive last year. The Arts Coordinator Committee will meet and arrive at an amount. Joyce will then call Harrisburg to talk things over. The proposal is due April 1.


Melady Kehm reported on the Historic Committee:


The Old House Fair is shaping up nicely. It will be held on Saturday, April 28, probably at the Bush House (which is charging us $6.50 per person).


Roger Moss, author of Victorian Exterior Design, will be principal speaker. Denson Groenendaal will give a presentation on structural problems, commenting on slides presented by the audience.


On the evening before the fair, Friday, April 27, we will hold a fundraiser, a combination cocktail party and a program called "From Bosom Buddies to Bustles," a review of woman's clothing (including underwear) from the 1700s to 1900s.


Betsy Naylor may put a notice in the Gazette asking that those who have specific house problems get in touch with us.


The Old House Fair committee will meet at the Gate house on Thursday, February 22, at 8 p.m.


Rob Gannon declined to present a Plaque Committee report.


Melady reported that the committee charged with handling the Summer Sounds (the concerts in the park) will meet March 1 at 7:30 at the Gatehouse.


Joan Blasko reported that the Gamble Mill Gallery committee will meet February 18 at Sonna McDevitt's home. John Bubb has jointed the committee. The exhibit schedule was somewhat mixed up, but is now getting straightened out.

Joan also asked BHCA members to think about places for the exhibition of sculpture. Suggested were the lobby of the Bush House, the court house entrance and porch, and the lobby of the Brockerhoff. We should be thinking of other possibilities as well, said Joan.


The Burkes wrapped up progress on the musical fundraiser to be held April 18:


The champagne flute crisis has been avoided. Betsy announced that Ed Hill, of Spats, will provide flutes -- as many as we need.


Most time was taken up with a discussion of what the thing should be called. Among the suggestions: Victorian Musical, Victorian Musical Afternoon, Music for a Victorian Afternoon, Victorian Afternoon Musicale, Coda for a Victorian Afternoon, and An Interlude (Between Lude-1 and Lude-2) for Victoria. A_ Victorian Interlude, somehow, won.


Rob Fisher, Joan and Mary Beth Blasko are working on the invitation design. They have it pretty well laid out by now.


Joyce Hagen and Jim Dunne will handle the mailing list. The printed program will probably be an adaptation of the invitation.


True Fisher, so it is said, knows where to get chairs.

The meeting was dissolved by acclamation at an hour unknown.


Champagne tasting -- Saturday, March 3, 1990 -- 8:00

at The Fishers

BHCA meeting -- Friday, March 9 -- 7:30

at Gay and Jim Dunne's -- 222 N. Allegheny