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Minutes March 9, 1990


Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-president), Kevin & Carol Burke, Gay and Jim Dunne, Craig Fisher, True Fisher (President)& Rob Fisher, Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Melady Kehm, and Judith Schardt (Treasurer).


The meeting, held at the Dunne's home, began with a discussion of the invitation to the fundraising concert to be held April 8 at the Burkes. Design of the invitation was, everyone agreed, superb. With the invitation discussion completed, the meeting was called to order at 9:20.


Nobody asked for an approval of the minutes of the last meeting. Nobody but the secretary noticed the oversight.


Judith Schardt, however, did present the treasurer's report:


Savings as of last report, February 9  $ 4613.05

Checking as of last report                411.97

Total                                    5025.02


Savings as of this date                  4075.05

Checking as of this date                  440.47

Total                                    4515.52



Memberships               25.00

Library concerts          37.03

Total                     72.03



Arts coordinator         375.00

Plaques                  105.45

"Old House Fair"          25.00

"Victorian Interlude"     34.87

PA Local Arts Network     25.00

Operating Expenses         6.18

Total                    571.50


Judith reported on the various options open to receive a higher rate of interest. The group decided to put $2,000 of the $4,516 in a 90-day certificate. The amount was based on possible expenses of $1,000 for the Victorian Interlude, and $1,500 for the Old House Fair, amounts that might be needed before the 90-day period is completed.


Victorian Interlude notes:

Rob Fisher will be in charge of chairs.

Helen and Gay will pour.

Everyone will help clean up.

Helen will appear on WBLF on March 15 at noon, for promotion.

From the champagne tasting at the Fishers, those present decided to get Cooks Imperial Extra Dry and Chantaine French Brut Cordin Royal --two cases of Cooks, one of Brut.


Melady discussed the Old House Fair. To review:


It will be held April 28, and will feature Roger Moss, the nationally known historic-color expert, and Denson Groenendaal, the architectural revitalization authority. The registration fee of $20 includes day-long workshops (at the Bush House), the chance to receive personal attention to restructuring or painting problems, and, for another $4, a bus tour of Bellefonte.


Melady showed a draft of the mailer.


Of the approximately 40 calls that Melady has received, three were from Bellefonte.


The mailing should total nearly 1,000.


True will give Melady a map to show how the public can get to Bush House.


True will call Don Lamaire for pasteup and illustrations.


Mailing will be done on March 19 or 20. Rob Gannon will handle A/V equipment at the fair.


Plaque Committee report, presented by Rob Gannon:


Mary Mianulli would like a plaque for her home on Curtin Street. Dale Orndorf is looking into the house history.


As Arts Coordinator, Joyce Hagen told of:

Various seminars coming up.


Application deadline for the local government grant, which is May 12. Winners will be announced June 1.


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts suggested that we apply for a grant for the gallery, including the Film Forum.n. (We can apply for only three grants--logically, for coordinator, mailing, and gallery. All are matching.) The group decided to apply for a gallery grant, and to finance the Film Forum from other sources.


Paul Kocela, a film maker and PSU faculty member, would like to use BHCA as a conduit for two grants thorough the Pennsylvania Council on the Humanities. We decided chat that is OK.


Also there was discussion concerning Jules's music for the background of Rob Fisher's Saudi sculpture tape, which will be made from Rob's 20 hours of rough. Working title for the interactive disk and tape: "New Technology and Old Camels."


The meeting eventually was adjourned.