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May 18, 1990

Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-President), Joan Blasko, Kevin & Carol Burke, Craig Fisher, True Fisher (President), Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Melady Kehm, Romayne Naylor, Dale Orndorf, Judith Schardt (Treasurer), and Peter Schneeman.


The meeting was held at Helen Bechdel's home, and was co-hosted by Helen and Dale Orndorf. President True Fisher called it together at 8:06. This time the previous minutes were approved even before the meeting started.


Judith Schardt gave her treasurer's report:



Last report











Library concerts:



Victorian Interlude



Garver Fund



Old House Fair



CDT donation













Arts coordinator


March 187.50



April 264.00



Includes raise

32 hrs $8.25

Gamble Mill Gallery



Victorian Interlude



Old House Fair



Grants (copier, etc.)



Film series (printing)



Misc. expenses




$ 3999.77

* * *

A lively discussion developed around the question of whether or not members who were not at the Victorian Interlude would be assessed the $10 that those attending were expected to donate, primarily to offset the cost of food. The final decision (to the best of the Secretary's understanding) is that those attending are asked to donate, and that those active in the planning of the event are urged to.

* * *

Joan Blasko announced that Central Pennsylvania Village Crafts shortly will be closing. The organization presently is the conduit for two grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. If BHCA were to assume responsibility for the local administration of those grants, the Council would be pleased. One grant is to Bob Moore, an American Indian who runs a crafts shop in Boalsburg. He is receiving $3,000 to teach an apprentice to do beadwork. The second grant--for $2,000--is to Louise Fox, who is teaching appliqué quilting to apprentices. This technique involves German paper cutting and transference to material.


Peter Schneeman moved, and Craig Fisher seconded, that we accept responsibility for the handling of the two grants.


Incidentally, William Daniels, program director of various Council activities, told Joan that BHCA is a good group, but one that doesn't pay its administrator enough. Some members thought that perhaps in the eyes of the Arts Council, an "administrator" and a "coordinator" are the same.

* * *

Everyone agreed that the Burkes did a superb job coordinating the Victorian Interlude. True said that guests told her that the music washed over them and that they were transported to another time.

* * *

Melady Kehm reported that although the Old House Fair was a ringing educational success, we will probably lose between $225 and $250 on it, even though the Mansun bus was donated. Attendees numbered 61, and all agreed that they were most enthusiastic, disappointed only that the program didn't last longer. (It went on all day as it was.)


True pointed out that this was our only recent foray into the historic portion of our mission statement. (The walking tours also were.)

* * *

Helen Bechdel suggested that to eliminate the problem of too many things happening at once next year, we schedule activities for a full year in advance. Members agreed to think about events, and make up a calendar at the next meeting (June 22).

* * *

The books left over from the Old House Fair present a problem. They are signed by Roger Moss, and so cannot be returned to the publisher. We have 22 of them, and by charging $30, make 42% profit. The day of the event we sold 5, and have sold 3 since then. Some felt that the market is too small around here to dispose of the rest, and that we will probably carry these for years. Others felt that the only problem is that we will have $300 or so tied up for awhile.

At any rate, Betsy Naylor will put a note in the Gazette, and Joan will spearhead a committee to decide how to market them.




* * *

Melady also discussed plans for the Summer Sounds from the Gazebo


So far these groups are scheduled:



Bellefonte High School Band (tentative)



Deacons of Dixieland



Keystone Society of Swing



Neo Pseudo



To be announced



Little German Band



Bald Headed Blues Band


From the money left from last year (and some from this year's Garver Fund grant) each group will be paid $100, and and we'll buy an additional microphone as well.

 *  * *

Members present decided to participate in the Victorian Christmas Arts and Craft Fair (December 8 & 9) in the same way as last year. More about this later.

*  * *

Rob Gannon reported that he has ordered a plaque for Sue and Jim Plumb's house--this despite the fact that the Plumbs will be leaving the area. They are returning to Philadelphia, where Jim will be teaching, practicing medicine, and doing research.


Dale Orndorf continues to look for the date of the building of the Mianulli's carriage house on Curtin Street. He has found that it was built somewhere between about 1880 and 1920--but the date has to be narrowed, for not only do our rules state that such designated buildings must have been built before 1910, and we should have an accurate date to put on the plaque.

* * *



* * *

The Gamble Mill Gallery, Joyce reported, is now fully booked with exhibits through March 1991, and partially through June 1991.


Joyce also brought up again her quest for space for a sculpture exhibit. Suggested were the Bush House and Tracy Benson's building.


Also sought is a space where exhibitors whose works probably would be "unsuited" to the Gamble Mill space could be seen. Discussion on this dissolved into moralistic stances on ground the consistency of barn soil.

* * *

Joyce reported on letters the association received regarding:


·       Roadside architecture photos,


·       Family values,


·       Emergency planning,


•    People for the American Way's fund asking for political support for the National Endowment for the Arts.

* * *

Joyce also reported that nine applications for local government grants have been received, and that three more are expected.

* * *

Sometime during the month Joyce was contacted by a guitarist who wants to perform at a Sunday library concert. This got Joyce thinking that we might talk with concert directors Jim and Gay Dunne about scheduling a few musicians from outside the area so that we would be eligible for state grants. The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts is reluctant to fund series with a preponderance of local artists.

* * *

Joyce also told about a good-size grant that Lorna Rasmussen and True are seeking from the Pennsylvania Council for the arts. If this is successful, Lorna will be working with Joe Vasey and Judith's film committee.

* * * *

The meeting was adjourned, with many members journeying to the Bellefonte Aerodrome to see Rob Fisher's newest sculpture, and to watch as CNN interviewed him about it.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, June 22, at the Gatehouse (334 E. Howard). Members will congregate at 7:30; the meeting will begin at 7:45.