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June 22, 1990

Present: Helen Bechdel (Vice-President), Kevin & Carol Burke, Gay and Jim Dunne, True Fisher (President), Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Ann Jacobs, Melady Kehm, Dale Orndorf, and Judith Schardt (Treasurer). Peter forgot.


The meeting began at 7:57 pm, in The Gatehouse, with the reading of the minutes, which were approved.

Judith Schardt's treasurer's report:


Last report



Savings                                 $3048.47


C.D.                                     1500.00


Checking                                  485.37






Grants - PHC - Paul Kocela



Victorian Interlude (champagne)



Old House Fair



Gamble Mill Gallery Comm; Village Crafts



"       "         "  ;Grebos



Library concerts







Paul Kocela (grant--film)



Gamble Mill Gallery (reception/print)



Joyce Hagen (May salary)



Expenses (P.O. Box $14, Joyce $31.38)




$ 1355.53


Coordinator's (Joyce Hagen) report on mail received:


A brochure from the federal government regarding mailing privileges. Joyce feels that we don't qualify, but others present disagreed. At any rate, we decided we shouldn't ask. An announcement of a series of TV programs to appear on PPTN in the fall-- a profile of six successful cultural organizations. When Joyce gets the dates and times, she'll tell everyone.


Books: Regarding our copies of books signed by Roger Moss, Helen Bechdel said that she called the publisher and found that they can be returned even though they are signed. Helen feels that we should send them back. Some agree; some don't.


We make about $12.50 per book. Someone pointed out that the book could be sold not only at the Old House Fair, but at the Arts & Crafts fair, and during Victorian Christmas. Helen countered that the Old House Fair was an event that seemed to be perfect for high. sales, but that we sold only about three. True suggested that we try a one-shot attempt by putting a notice in the Good Morning column that they are available. Joyce said she would try to get it in.

* *

Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair: True Fisher said that BHCA will be organizing the booths at the YMCA. She said that we received approval to up the price of the booths from $40 to $50. One result would be to weed out some of the more commonplace exhibits.


Melady Kehm pointed out that Martha Nastase has the table procurement routine down pat, that she will probably use the prisoners as she did last time, and that likely BHCA won't be needed for set-up.

* * *

Victorian Interlude: True reported that the decision had been made that those who attended the Interlude be assessed $8 for the champagne they drank. Those who were not in attendance may make a donation if they want.

* * *

Summer Sounds from the Gazebo: Melady Kehm reported that planning for this summer's series is virtually complete. One band (the Keystone Society of Swing) pulled out at the last minute, but Tommy Wareham agreed to sit in--and the mailing will reflect that.


She also announced that this, her 10th year of running the series, will be her last. True said she will call interested people together in September to see if we can come up with someone to run the concerts. Perhaps PPA or some other group could take over.

* * *

Gamble Mill Gallery: Joyce said that the next exhibition -­watercolors by Marlee Erwin and ceramic wall pieces by Monika Modest--will run from June 30 through August 10. The opening will occur on July 3, and will run from 7:30 to 9:30. As usual, everyone is urged to attend.


Next month's exhibit is by Michael Solan, who will show his charcoal and pastel portraits, and Robert Benson, who paints watercolor landscapes. Reception is August 14.

Plaques: In regard to the Mianulli property on Curtin Street, both Dale Orndorf and Mary Mianulli recently visited 94-year-old Philip Schumaker, who moved into the McCafferty house, on the corner of Curtin and Allegheny, in 1907. He said that the carriage house was there at the time (previously having been a stable), and that he thinks it had been there at least since 1900. That means that it is eligible for a plaque, which requires a building date of 1910 or earlier.


Dale says that the property does not appear on a 1874 map, but that it was likely built between 1880 and 1895. Jim Dunne suggested that the plaque read "Circa 1885," and that seemed to be agreeable to all present. Rob Gannon will so inform the Mianullis.


Rob also publicly expressed sorrow that he had not so far sent out the mass mailing to other eligible plaque-receivers.


Activity Calendar. As promised, True roughed out the year's act-1vities (to be smoothed as times goes on):







Get budget from borough for

Library Concert


local government grant.

Gallery exhibit


Mail fundraising letter.



Set up Summer Sounds meeting.



Set up Old House Fair meeting.

Specific support grant due


Prepare and send Garver Fund

Gamble Mill Film Forum



Arts coordinator



Library concert



Gallery exhibit


PCA Grant reports due Oct 1.



Local government application



Due Oct. 1

Library concert


Apply for mailing grant.



Letter to CDT requesting      




Summer Sounds from the Gazebo


Calendars out.







Summer Sounds


Library concert, Nov. 4



December                                        Summer Sounds

Victorian Arts & Crafts fair               Work on fundraising Letter.



Library concert.

Gallery exhibit.



Library concert.

Gallery exhibit.

Valentine Day Bosom Buddy show

Feb. 15

* * *

Fundraising. Much discussion as to tactics for a fund-raising letter, regarding amount to ask for, time of year, kind of recipients. Helen Bechdel and Kevin Burke agreed to meet in August to revise last year's letter.

* * *

Calendar. True reported that Joan Blasko said that she will put together the calendar (formerly published by the Talleyrand Park Committee) this year, if others will handle distribution and sales. Attendees had lots of suggestions for the new issue, including these:


Bigger blocks, smaller numbers. Holidays to be included.

BHCA event dates added.


(Many BHCA events aren't planned so far ahead, but library concerts and gallery exhibits--which currently are booked for a whole year-­are usually available.)

As an aside, Jim suggested that we could develop stick-on dates that could be put on any calendar. They could be distributed in a variety of ways, including fund-raising letters, announcement letters, and with the calendar. He will look into the costs.

* * *

Bosom Buddies. Melady saw the show "Bosom Buddies to Bustles" a few days ago, and she believes that presenting it for a fundraiser would be easy and successful. This is a show put on by several Altoona women, tracing the history of women's clothing. Melady was impressed particularly with the amount of research that went into the production. Someone suggested that the show might be appropriate for Valentine's Day, and so it was added to the organization's calendar.

* * *

Grants. Joyce announced the recipients of the newest rounds of the Local Government Grants. The total this year is $9,000, of which the Borough pays $5,000, the state $4,000.


Grant receivers:


Centre County Library                     $5,400

Gallery Committee                          1,250

Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair                300

Film Forum                                   550

Wanda Miller, for Victorian Readers' Theater  500

Leigh Melander, for a Historic Bellefonte

production                                 1,000

* * *

Library support. Melady told members about severe maintenance problems of the Centre County Historical Museum. The building (the Miles-Humes House) has been evaluated by Denson Groenendaal for CDA Associates. Over the next several years, renovation is expected to cost something like $300,000, which will include a new roof (buckets must be placed in the attic now) and equipment for a climate-controlled atmosphere in the basement, where historic documents are stored.


Nothing is being asked of BHCA now, but it will probably be called upon in the future to give advice and assistance, and in the meantime, encouragement.

# # #
NEXT MEETING: Friday, September 28
The Fishers, 228 N. Allegheny
8 p.m.