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September 28, 1990

Present: Allen George, Helen Bechdel (Vice-President), Joan Blasko, George Dempsie, Gay and Jim Dunne, Craig Fisher, True Fisher (President), Rob Gannon (Secretary), Joyce Hagen (Arts Coordinator), Melady Kehm, and Judith Schardt (Treasurer). Peter came late, after True called to remind him.


The meeting began at 8:19 pm, at the Fishers home, with the reading of the minutes, which were approved.

* * * *



Judith Schardt's treasurer's report:


Last report












5368.51    5033.84







Summer Sounds



Gamble Mill:

Council of the Arts grant



Macheachren commission



Film Series grant



Victorian Interlude



Old House Fair books







Arts Coordinator--264 x 3


(June, July & Aug)

Gamble Mill Gallery



Joyce Hagen (May salary)



Summer Sounds



Misc expenses



Old House Fair expenses


(inc. 88.07 books)


$ 2598.84



President True Fisher appointed the nomination committee:  Gay Dunne, Melady Kehm, and True. Elections will be held next meeting.

True will be forming the Old House Fair committee to work on next year's event. So far George Dempsie and Melady offered to serve, and True said she will ask Dale Orndorf, Bill and Marilyn Eighme, and the Frank Clemsons.


True also reported on Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair activities. She has sent out notices to prospective exhibitors, and despite the rise in booth cost from $40 to $50, early returns indicate that there will be at least as many as the 32 of last year.


True asked Martha Nastase to handle the chairs again (using prison inmates as helpers), and she agreed.


Melady and Rob Gannon offered to help set up, and Melady will be leading tours of the town.


True also began to firm table shifts on the Saturday and Sunday fair days. George and Craig Fisher offered, but others are needed to take a shift. Craig also offered to help clean up. Again, more help is needed.


Judith Schardt and Helen Bechdel will again set up for coffee.


Last year Peter Schneeman opened in the morning. True will ask him to do so again.  Jim Dunne has already completed the mailing labels.


Arts Coordinator Joyce Hagen reported on mail received:








·  We asked for $2,350 for the arts coordinator, and got $1,000.

·  We asked $1,450 for the Gamble Mill Gallery, and received nothing.

·  We asked for $2,000 for the film series, and received $1,500.

·  Robert Moore requested through BHCA (acting as a conduit for Village Craft grants) $2,000 and received $1,500.

·  Rob Fisher and Jules Thayer asked for $4,472 and received it.

·  That the Borough financed $1,500 more than it did last year.

Judith reported on the film committee. She, Joe Vasey and True met and decided that this year there will be five sessions: three films by local film makers, one from elsewhere, and the last session will be a panel of local film makers, during which film clips will be shown. These will be held on Wednesday evenings, but no dates are so far set.


Melady said that she would like publicly to thank Joyce for the Summer Concert publicity. All agreed that Joyce did a magnificent job.

Joyce mentioned that we have things scheduled for the Gallery through January, but that even though we've established a two-year waiting period before an artist can re-exhibit, we are beginning to repeat, and so if anyone knows of other artists who might be good candidates, let Joyce know.

Joan Blasko is working on the calendars. She's drawing doors of Bellefonte (from doors she is now photographing). Printing costs are running 5 to 6 percent higher than last year. The group decided to sell the calendars for $7.50 this year instead of $8.00.

Helen has written the fundraising letter and has given it to Joyce to be mailed in October. We spent considerable time discussing the wording on the return slip, a discussion that the secretary failed to follow. The secretary did participate in an equally lively discussion of whether or not a return envelope should be enclosed, during which he advanced many solid reasons for inclusion, reasons clearly convincing. Nevertheless, the organization, which only rarely is collectively bullheaded, decided that the letter should go out empty.


Melady said that she has checked with the people who put on the Gay 90's Review, but found that because of weather, nothing ever is scheduled between November 15 and March 15. Our fundraiser, therefore, must wait until spring.


Jim Dunne announced that the first concert library concert will be held November 4.



George Dempsie's house
375 E. Linn

Friday, October 26