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Minutes, October 25, 1991

In attendance: Peter Schneeman, Sanna McDivitt, Bonnie Leathers, Chuck Brown (President Judge), Corine Johnston, Rolf Kugler, Melady Kehm (Vice-president), Rob Gannon, True Fisher, Rob Fisher, Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey; Joe Vasey, Joan Blasko (Arts Coordinator), Judith Schardt (Treasurer), Alex Dyakiw; Ellen Dyakiw, Mary Parmenter, Dave Trost (President-elect), Sarah Trost, Romayne Naylor (Secretary)


The meeting was held at the Rob and True Fisher home. Helen called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Treasurer's      Report:            August 31, 1991         July 31, 1991


              CD                       $3,000.00             $3,000.00

                   Savings                   4,869.83              6,100.14

              Checking                    571.71                745.31
                                        $8441.54              $9845.45


Summer Sounds                             $100.75

Interest                                    68.94


TOTAL INCOME                              $169.69



Summer Sounds                             $100.00

Gamble Mill

   Reception                               300.00

   Printing                                409.42

 Mailing                                  141.18

Old House Fair

Reception                                  95.00

Arts Coord.

  July & Aug.                               528.00


TOTAL EXPENSES                           $1,573.60


Helen called for the election of new officers. The Nominating Committee offered the following slate: Dave, president; Melady, vice president; Judith, treasurer; and Romayne, secretary. The slate was accepted as presented.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.

Joan reported there will be no Library Concert in November.

The Gamble Mill Gallery committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 7 at Joyce Hagen's home. Joan has found two Penn State students to assist her as Apprentice, Arts Coordinators.

The Budget Committee has budget forms available and Judith will help each committee prepare them if necessary.

Helen said the Pennsylvania Dance Theatre is interested in performing for a BHCA fundraiser if we are interested in sponsoring such an event. Mention of fundraising brought the question of when fundraising and membership letters should be sent. As these letters are usually sent before Christmas, Helen promised she would will contact absent committee member Kevin Burke and make sure the letters are sent soon.

Joan reported on a recent Pennsylvania Council on the Arts workshop. Funding for arts administrators is available, but Joan thinks this is "out of our league" because we would need $5,000 in the first year and $10,000 in the second. Rob G. suggested we review previous technical assistance by the Council in reference to recruiting members, organization and revitalization of the group. Melady and Helen volunteered to review the notes from these meetings and conduct a seminar.
     Joan said that rural groups such as ours are working with high school students. As an example, Jessie Cline is working on theatre productions with students in Milton.
     Joan came away from the workshop knowing that the Council thinks we have a good organization, but should be a bit more formal, including the creation of a board of directors.

For the benefit of new members and guests, the remaining committee reports included an explanation of what each does:

Gamble Mill Gallery Committee coordinates eight two-artist exhibits each year at Gamble Mill Tavern. Summer Sounds Committee presents six concerts in the Talleyrand Park gazebo between June and August each year.

The Old House Fair Committee coordinates an annual educational program on various aspects of preserving, restoring and maintaining an old home. S a r a h suggested that, though money was lost on the first two Old House Fairs, perhaps it is best to continue holding them to establish a reputation.

Application for a grant to help defray the Fair's expenses was suggested. Melady said the committee must meet and decide if it wants to do a program in 1992, or skip a year. This meeting must be held soon if BHCA intends to apply for a Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission grant, because a letter of intent must be sent by Nov. 30 and the completed application is due Dec. 31.

Rob F. said BHCA can give some money to the Old House Fair because it promotes renovation of old homes, which is in keeping with the historic aspect of the organization.

Rolf attended last year's Fair as a craftsman. He suggested practical "nuts and bolts" sessions to draw crafts people. Melady suggested a variety of small workshops to appeal to more people.

Dave offered to call the Emighs and the Clemsons to arrange an Old House Fair Committee meeting.

There was no report from the Local Government Grants Committee.

The Historic Plaques Committee consists of the chairman, Rob G. The solid brass plaques cost $50 and are available for homes built prior to 1900. People on a recent walking tour asked Helen why houses numbered on the tour map aren't numbered to make them easier to find. She suggested using the plaques to number these houses and awarding plaques for appearance of older homes.

     True reported on the Victorian Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair at the YMCA Dec. 14 and 15. This is the third year BHCA and Victorian Christmas Inc. have shared the responsibility of the Fair and split the profits. Tables cost $60 this year and all 37 are filled. Volunteers are needed to staff the coffee and doughnut table.

Peter volunteered to procure chairs and Rob G., Melady and the Trosts will get tables. Centre County Prison inmates will assist with set-up. The-Burkes, Trosts and Porter will staff the sales table shared with Historic Bellefonte Inc. Mary, Ellen, Alex, Helen and Judith will staff the coffee table.
     A suggestion to sell "Victorian Cookies" at the Fair snowballed into talk of secret recipes and specially designed cookie cutters to be sold as a fund raiser, similar to the Punxsutawney Phil cookie cutter/recipe sold by the Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce to raise money for Ground Hog Day activities.

Mary, Helen, Dave, Joe, Joanne and Judith have been trained to conduct the Walking Tour, using information from the 1980 Historic Registration Project.

Pat Casher told Joan that BHCA's presentation of "Theatre of the Heart" in the Garman Opera House in August did a lot to promote interest in the restoration project.

Rob G. offered opportunities to make short documentaries through C-Net, then had to explain C-Net for the newcomers.

Romayne suggested a trip to Jim Thorpe to observe their Victorian Christmas celebration. She needs to find out when it takes place and when we can go.

Joan said a broken spotlight at the Gamble Mill needs to be replaced. Rob. G. moved that it be done and Rolf offered to fix it.

Helen reminded us that $10 annual dues is due now. dues should be paid to Judith.

Helen expressed thanks to Rob. F., Candy, Gay and Romayne for speaking out against Family Health Services moving into Dr. Corman's historic home.

Sanna, a Bellefonte Cemetery board member, asked if BHCA would be interested in making tombstone rubbings to sell at Victorian Christmas. She suggested the rubbings could be made by art students and the profits be split three ways. Sarah offered to chair a committee. Corine and Joan offered to help.

Dave said Dan Pennick of the Centre County Planning Office told him highway funding may be available for extending bike paths along the railroad bed at Talleyrand Park.

Bonnie and Chuck reported that Candy had gotten a call about restoration of the portraits at the Courthouse and had contacted HBI to see if they are interested in sponsoring the work. These portraits were gifts to the county from the families of judges and other prominent citizens. They asked if BHCA would make a contribution to the county in support of the project. The matter was referred to the Local Government Grants Committee. Peter cautioned that several firm estimates from qualified restorationists should be solicited before the work is assigned.

As a motion to adjourn was being entertained, Rob. G. jumped up and said he had some new business. He announced, "In these beautiful surroundings, surrounded by our friends and Judge Brown, and since Melady and I picked up a marriage license and I have a couple of rings in my pocket, if Melady will go along on this, Chuck will marry us tonight."

Rob F. ran for a camera and Chuck went to his car for his robes. Standing on the stairs, Rob G. and Melady were married and our potluck was transformed into a wedding reception.

The meeting was never officially adjourned.

The next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 5 at Helen's home, 349 E. Curtin St.


                                Respectfully submitted,

                                Romayne Naylor, Secretary