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December 5, 1991


In attendance: Alex Dyakiw; Joyce Hagen; Nancy Perkins; Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Helen Bechdel; True Fisher; Rob Fisher; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); Judith Schardt (Treasurer); Dave Trost (President); Sarah Trost; Joanne Tosti≠Vasey; Joe Vasey; Kevin Burke; Carol Burke; Rob Gannon

The meeting, held at Helen's home, was called to order at 7:50 p.m.

Treasurer's Report:

November 30, 1991

October 31, 1991














Income: Library Concert (Oct. 6, 1991)             $19.00
Interest posted Oct. 31, 1991††††††††††††††††  43.29



Expenses: Arts Coordinator (Joan, Nov.)         $264.00
Other Expenses                                94.64



Do your dues! Judith is now accepting checks or cash for membership dues that were due in November.

True presented the Arts Coordinator report in Joan's absence. The fund-raising letters are at the printer's. Alex and Joyce volunteered to help address and stamp them. An addressed envelope will be stapled into the letter. Anyone needing help preparing budget sheets should contact Judith. The arts coordinator apprentices are doing well and a Fine Arts student has volunteered to help.

Recent mail included a membership renewal letter from the Bellefonte Area Chamber of Commerce. The Dunnes and the Fishers presented Bellefonte Borough Council a petition with 75 signatures protesting Family Health Service's conditional use request to move its clinic into the Dr. Paul Corman home on N. Allegheny Street. The Chamber submitted a letter to Council protesting the subsequent denial of FHS's request. This information prompted lively discussion of the issues. Rob F. said FHS attorney, Melody Fleck, told Council the petition "counted for nothing." Rob and True's Philadelphia attorney disagreed, saying that if FHS won their appeal, Council effectively looses its authority over zoning and conditional uses. That would mean all neighborhoods with the same zoning designation, including those on Linn and Curtin streets, are at risk of the same thing happening to them. Rob called for preventative action and handed out petitions so that more signatures can be collected.

True suggested that we include the names of available buildings suitable for FHS's needs with our Chamber membership. Romayne moved that Dave write a letter saying that we object to the Chamber's endorsement of FHS's moving into the Corman home and that the letter be included with BHCA's Chamber membership check. Joe seconded the motion. The motion passed.

True announced the opening of "Nativity," a gallery exhibit by local artists, coordinated by Harriet Rosenberg, at 126 1/2 S. Allegheny St., Bellefonte. The exhibit will run Dec. 6-15, with an opening reception Dec. 7. Harriet has offered to staff a permanent gallery at that location. Helen suggested asking Joan to look into the possibilities. Rob F. suggested that the Dunnes, who own the building, might allow the gallery to run until a tenant is found for the space. Melady said Joan and Harriet should work on a proposal and write a grant request. Nancy mentioned the gallery's proximity a pedestrian mall contained in the Borough's recent master plan.

The proposed trip to visit Jim Thorpe's Victorian Christmas Celebration was discussed. Because this year's dates conflicted with Bellefonte's Victorian Christmas, Melady suggested making a trip at a later date to see how the town has been revitalized.

True asked for volunteers to staff tables at the Victorian Arts and Crafts Fair. The Burkes and Nancy Seward will staff the table from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Melady had a group for 1-3:30 p.m. and HBI members agreed to help 3:30-6 p.m. on Saturday. The Trosts, the Dyakiws and Mary Parmenter volunteered for 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday. Judith said the set-up committee will be there at 7 a.m. both days to make hot drinks. Mary Ellen and Alex will staff the coffee table. Friday, Rob G. and Melady will go with Centre County Prison inmates to Faith United Methodist Church to pick up tables. Peter will coordinate booth set up Saturday morning. Dave suggested having brass plaques available at our table. Rob F. and the inmates (sounds like a funky new band, doesn't it?) will handle clean up.

Joyce gave a Gamble Mill Gallery report. There are only two openings through July 1992. She asked us to try to find some new artists to increase the variety of the shows and so that we can be more selective about which artists we choose. She also suggested a "Bellefonte Invitational Exhibit" for January 1993, because January is a traditionally hard month to fill.

Judith said we haven't received any 35% commissions from artists in a long time. Joyce suggested sending a reminder to the artists. She also said we need to purchase capsule lights for the Gallery and said Susan Gephart should be responsible for doing so. Rob F. asked for bids from Whitehill, Hite and Clyde Doll. Judith said she can establish a credit account with Hite if necessary. Romayne agreed to check with Clyde.

Dave said his survey of Old House Fair Committee members indicated that we should skip this year and do something special next year. Porter is enthusiastic about 1993 and said he could use his connections to Norm Abrams or Bob Villa of PBS's "This Old House," but either will be quite expensive. We decided to also consider professionals from commercial enterprises, such as a paint company or renovator's supply house. Donna Clemson had said that she knows the editor of "Country Living" and will explore possible publicity and/or support from the magazine. True suggested the program be done in alternate years and held in March or April rather than May.

In Jim Dunne's absence, there was no report on the Library Concert Series. True said that, as Cece Eastman attends most of these concerts, perhaps she would be interested in helping Jim. Helen agreed to ask her.

Melady mentioned a service organization has approached her about helping with Summer Sounds, perhaps by sponsoring the August concert. Melady preferred not to name the organization until its membership made a commitment.

These concerts are becoming more popular. Approximately 600 attended The Little German Band performance. By Rob G.'s rough count, 590 attended the Bellefonte Community Band concert and 400-plus the Bald Headed Blues Band. True reminded the committee that an application for the Garver Fund must be sent soon.

Dave asked, "Victorian cookies: Scam or reality?"

We decided they will be a scam in 1991, because it's too late to have cookie cutters designed and made. (Watch for the reality in 1992!) Nancy volunteered to design a series of cutters and Helen suggested asking the Bellefonte Middle School metal shop classes to make them.

Tombstone rubbings must be done in nice weather, so that project has also been postponed. Marianne Hoover had 150 State College art students coming to tour the cemetery and do rubbings, but permission was denied because, done improperly, repeated rubbings could damage the fragile old stones. Therefore, tombstones have been laid to rest, but are not a dead issue.

   Melady offered to tell Chuck Brown that BHCA is willing to help with the restoration of the portraits at Centre County Courthouse.† Kevin will get the names of Penn Stateís restorationist and Melady has another restorationistís name.† Both names will be passed along to Brown.

†††† Judith, Joe and Joanne will have a Film Forum committee meeting and report at the next meeting.† It was decided to continue using the second floor of the Bellefonte Elks Lodge, if possible.† Bellefonte Borough will contribute $500 and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts funds will be solicited.

†††† Dave ran short of letterhead paper, and Judith agreed to get more printed.

†††† The next meeting was scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Friday, January 10 at the Trostís home at 223 W. Curtin St.

†††† Melady moved for adjournment. True seconded the motion.

                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                        Romayne Naylor, Secretary