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January 25, 1991

Attending:  George Dempsie, Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-president), Carol Burke, Kevin Burke, David Trost, True Fisher, Rob Fisher, Joan Blasko (Arts Coordinator), Judith Schardt (Treasurer), Jim Dunne, Amy Peters, Sam Combriato, and Peter Schneeman.

The meeting was called to order at Peter Schneeman's home by Helen Bechdel. Amy Peters and Sam Combriato were introduced to the group.


Everyone liked the November set of minutes. At least there were no comments about them. Judith gave the Treasurer's report.


True reported on the Arts and Crafts Fair at Victorian Christmas. There were 36 vendors. The vender participation rate ($50.00) was higher this year than last year, but no one complained. Lots of potential vendors were turned down. There was very good attendance and good sales.  Chuck Young dressed up in Civil War garb and gave a walking tour of Bellefonte (Helen's aside).


There was no report on the calendar sales. Judith is still accepting checks.


Melady gave the report on the Old House Committee/Old House Fair. She reviewed last year's program. This year's focus will be on interiors and streetscapes. Gail Winkler (interiors) and Eliza Pennypacker (streetscapes) were contacted as potential presenters. Eliza Pennypacker suggested Pierce Lewis. Gail Winkler is Roger Moss' wife (He's the one who did the Old House Fair last year). The Bush House is open/available on May 11. Gail Winkler will cost $650 for the day. This committee currently has no coordinator/chair. ANY VOLUNTEERS? The next meeting is scheduled for February 5th at Candice Dannaker's, Howard and Penn Street. Regular volunteers (as opposed to a volunteer for chairperson) are also needed. Melady said that the committee need programming ideas. Members suggested that either Eliza Pennypacker or Pierce Lewis present in the morning. Questions were then raised about whether the afternoon should be devoted to interiors w/ Gail Winkler, how to use the time, what to address, etc.


     Short interruption occurred at this point. George had to leave and it was his birthday, so we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And now, back to the Old House Fair:

True then discussed the idea of vendors -- list of crafts people who would be invited to attend; their names would be listed in program. She also stated that the vendors invited would be selected by BHCA recommendation. Several people felt this was a problem. Does participation imply BHCA endorsement? What criteria should be used to list them? Would it be better not to formally list vendors? What about them paying for advertising? BHCA members were then asked to come up with names of crafts people they would recommend and bring names to the next meeting.  Crafts people will be invited to attend, but will have no BHCA listing/endorsement. If you have ideas, energy, time, etc., come to Feb. 5 meeting (Since these minutes are being mailed out after Feb 5, the invite goes for the next meeting, whenever that is).


Joan Blasko was then welcomed as the new Arts Coordinator. Official thanks were extended to Joyce, even though see wasn't at the meeting.


Joan then gave her report:

1. Gallery Report


2. PA Council of the Arts workshop -- PCA is holding a workshop on grant process and the general work of PCA February 20 at Penn State in the Eisenhower Auditorium. There will be small group meetings and individual meetings w/ program directors. True and Helen were asked to be hostesses for the directors (Hey, is there some sexism going on? Why weren't men asked?). Helen can't do it because it conflicts with her work schedule (See, women work out of the home too!). If you are interested in attending the workshop, contact Joan Blasko for the registration form. Grant application forms will be available at the workshop.


 3.  Joan expressed her disappointment with the way her articles/announcements were "edited" by the CDT. Rob said, more or less, "That's the way it is."  If anyone has ideas, speak up.


Joe Vasey then reported on the Film Series. There was great attendance at the first showing -- 42 people! Two suggestions were made for the rest of the shows: 1) Announce that bar service is available and 2) try to move the showings to the second floor to reduce noise and cigarette smoke problems (We did and it did!).


Jim Dunne reported on the Library Concert Series. Jeni Solchivers from NY will be doing her Carnegie Hall preview of her solo debut on February 17. Helen suggested that Asa or Bob or someone at WPSU interview Jeni. Jim will contact Bob Cole. If WPSU is interested, Jim will contact Jeni for a phone-radio interview.


Another break! Melady wanted to share something with BHCA that they (Melady and Rob) do with each other. They whistle appropriate seasonal tunes. Melady then played a cassette entitled "Rob and Melady Whistle Patriotic Songs."


Helen then made several announcements:

·     Harriet Rosenberg has an exhibit at the HUB Gallery. Rob says it's a "good" exhibit.

•    A letter nominating Rob Fisher for the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts was sent by BHCA to Harrisburg.

•    Clinton County Historical Society wants a selected mailing list (BHCA membership list) to announce special events.

·     Joyce needs to be replaced on the Local Arts Grant Committee.


Some concern was then raised about whether local arts grants recipients are following through on their work. Some people wanted to know at what stage of development had Lee Melandar's play about Bellefonte reached.


Joan has agreed to attend a coffee for Derek Gorden (Pa Council of the Arts). Everyone was asked to fill out the Centre County Library survey when you're at the library.


We adjourned. Then we remembered to schedule the next meeting. It will be at the Burkes, 299 W. Linn Street at 7:30, February 22, 1991.


Accounts Current (Jan. 25, 1991) Previous (11/29/1990)
CD 3000.00 3000.00
Savings 1316.01 771.27
Checking 12.01 494.47
Totals 4828.02 4265.74
Library Concerts (11/4) 30.00  
Gamble Mill Commissions 166.25  
Donations 1275.00  
Victorian Christmas 919.54  
Book (Old House Fair) 30.00  
Film 30.00  
Calendars 294.00  
Total Income 2744.75  
Arts Coordinator (Joyce Dec.) 264.00  
Gamble Mill Gallery 335.91  
Misc. Expenses 60.59  
Film 72.84  
Victorian Christmas 8.34  
Old House Fair (mailing book) 2.15  
Calendars 1426.63  
Total Expenses 2169.55  
  CD Savings
Interest 1990 (total 255.56) 147.89 107.67