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February 22, 1991

Attending:  George Dempsie, Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Carol Burke, Kevin Burke, David Trost, Sarah Trost, True Fisher, Rob Fisher, Joan Blasko (Arts Coordinator), Judith Schardt (Treasurer), Jim Dunne, Gay Dunne, and Romayne Naylor.


The meeting was called to order at Carol and Kevin Burke's home by Helen Bechdel at 8 p.m. The minutes from January were passed around and people made their corrections. At least three people didn't like the way we spelled their names. Jim Dunn wants to be known as Jim Dunne, David Troust wants to be known as David Trost, and Joyce Blasko wants to be known as Joan Blasko. Ok, we get the picture!


     Judith gave the Treasurer's Report.  Grants have been awarded for Jules Thayer's and Rob Fisher's interactive art, the Film series, and the Arts Coordinator.


Treasurer's Report

























Library Concerts








Gamble Mill Gallery








Film Series









Arts Coordinator (Jan:





Gamble Mill Gallery -





Misc. Expenses









True gave the 0ld House Fair Report. Gail Winkler (author of From Privy to Powder Room) will be coming. Pierce Lewis (streetscapes) will not be coming. Elizabeth Pennypacker will do a session on streetscapes and Denson Groenendahl (now that's a spelling!) will do a session on repair work. There will be a total of 4 sessions for the Fair. The date has been set for May 11. The next old House Fair meeting will be the 1st Thursday in March (that was March 7th -- you missed it if you waited for this set of minutes to arrive to tell you when to go). They will be (actually were) held at Marilyn and Bill Emigh's home. If you have any vendor names, give them to True. These are NOT endorsements, but will be a verbal recognition of their presence at the Fair.


Jim Dunne then discussed the Concert Series. BHCA thanked Jim for bringing Jeni Solchivers, the Carnegie Hall pianist to Bellefonte. Victorian Brass will be playing April 25. Dianne Gold, Taver, and Echenroth (do they have 1st names? We didn't hear them if they do) will be playing in May. Work has started on the fall lineup of concerts.


Joe Vasey and Judith Schardt gave a summary of the Film Series. It was well received. Moving upstairs at the Elks Club and using one room for refreshments and the larger room for the screening worked very well. Noise and cigarette smoke were no longer a bother. Judith has received the bill from the Club and will pay it this month. It was recommended that we continue working with Lorna Rasmussen for future series.


Joan Blasko then gave her report:


I. Gallery Report

A. Several hanger alternatives for the Mill are possible. These ideas will be presented to the Mill owners, We are considering making them ourselves to save money. We're not sure who the "we" are in this case. Has anyone volunteered to do the woodwork/millwork?

B. The letter to Jean Murphy apologizing for the holes drilled into the wall still needs to be written and sent out. True, Joan, and Helen had decided not to say anything to the exhibitor who had done the damage. The rest of us loudly protested. We compromised by agreeing to send the exhibitor a copy of the letter of apology that we send to Jean Murphy.

C. The next exhibit will be black and white photos by Chur Ion (It's Chinese, give me a break!) and oil paintings by Hopkins.

D. BHCA is looking for more artists to fill in the holes for the rest of the season. If you know of anyone, talk to Joan.

E. BHCA needs help with supervision and hanging assistance for future exhibits (we don't want ANOTHER disaster). It takes about an hour's worth of time. Talk to Joan.


II.  PA Council of the Arts Workshop -- Melady, True, and Joan (aka, the Trio) went to the workshop. Approximately 55 groups were represented at the workshop: theater, music, etc from Erie, Clearfield, Bradford, and the rest of Northwest and North Central PA. Oh, by the way, do you remember last month's comments in the minutes as to why only women were being asked local hosts? Well, apparently PCA administrators asked the same thing; they wanted to know why there were only women in attendance! Anyway, the Trio learned about funding opportunities, including walk-around money (someone give us a definition!), bank trust funds, and various grant sources. We should also expect a significant funding cut-back in the next funding cycle due to PA's financial woes. The "bottom line" (gee, how I hate that cliché) is that BHCA needs to determine how we will approach this funding problem. No decisions were made at this meeting.


III. Nancy Perkins, from Chicago, is interested in doing an architectural study of Bellefonte, focusing mainly on the works of her aunt, Anna Keichline. She wrote to BHCA asking for assistance and asking to possibly exhibit the results of her study here in Bellefonte. True wrote her back (see attached letter). Joanne suggested that Nancy contact Melady for more information about Ms. Keichline's work here in Bellefonte.


Rob Fisher gave a report on his grant with Jules Thayer. There are 3 jazz musicians and video projections of images from Saudi Arabia. There is a donation of special effects equipment and editing time. This is an improvisational video. We discussed the possibility of doing a run through at Peter Schneeman's Mill --see what happens when you don't come to meetings?-- in May with the premiere performance scheduled for June 9th at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Someone suggested that we use the trial as a fundraiser. Need to settle this at the next meeting. Someone suggested a bus trip to NY to the premiere performance.


Then we had a sudden, impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday for Joe Vasey.  As the meeting seemed to be falling apart, Helen asked if there were any announcements. Joanne tried to sell some RU-486 U Bet t-shirts and NOW raffle tickets--she still has LOTS of t-shirts (40 of them?). Helen has the list of people who took calendars to sell, but doesn't know who still owes money. She says, "Be honest, fess up." Judith announced the American Culinary Gold Plate Dinner on March 25 at Toftrees. Tickets are $50.00 each; see Judith. The Trost's have an offer on their house in Illinois. Congrats.


     The next meeting was scheduled for March 22, but the date was changed to April 5th at the home of Helen Bechdel on E. Curtin St.  One of the major discussions will be the Old House Fair.

 Contents of letter sent to Ms. Nancy Perkins: January 10, 1991


Ms. Nancy Perkins

Perkins Design Ltd.

350 W. Ontario, Suite 200 Chicago, Illinois 60610


Dear Nancy:


The members of the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association are extremely excited about the possibility of exhibiting your show on the architecture of Anna Keichline (1889 - 1943) at the Gamble Mill Gallery. Historic Belle­fonte is thriving and eager to have our heritage revealed. Because Keichline was a Bellefonte resident, a woman in a man's field in the 1920's, as well as an interesting architect, this exhibition and/or publication would be enthusi­astically received by the general public and the schools.


We provide space for up to six weeks of exhibition, a mailing announcement to over 1000 people, and an opening reception.


We hope you are successful in your attempts to fund such an interesting project.


If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me again.



True Fisher

Vice President