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April 5, 1991 


Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Rob Fisher, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Judith Schardt (Treasurer), Jim Dunne, and Gay Dunne.


The meeting was called to order at Helen Bechdel's home by Helen Bechdel at 8:15 p.m. The minutes were approved as read.


Judith passed around the Treasurer's report. The extra $4000 in the savings account are the monies held for Jules Thayer and Rob Fisher’s program.  Loud applause for the $$$$.

Treasurer's Report
























 Arts Coordinator



 Film Forum



  Special Project



Historic Plaques



Film Forum













Arts Coordinator (Feb & Mar)



Gamble Mill Gallery



Operating Expenses



Film Forum






Library Concerts.  Jim Dunne gave a report. He has made arrangements with Joan Blasko to work on the computer next week. He also announced two more Sunday concerts for this spring. The first one is the Victorian Brass Quintet on April 21. The second one will be on Sunday, May 5 at 2:30 p.m. featuring Karen Eckenroth, Soprano; Ibrook Tower, Clarinet; and Diane Gold, Piano/Flute.


Arts Coordinator’s Report: Joan Blasko's report was given by Helen.

1) BHCA is submitting three local government grants--for the Arts Coordinator, the Film forum (to be prepared by Judith Schardt and Lorna Rasmussen), and the Music Series. The deadline for submission is April 21, 1991. Peter Schneeman is reworking the application forms for the Grants Committee. Advertisements for applicants will soon be submitted.


2) The Gamble Mill Gallery schedule is planned through December 31, 1991. We need more committee members. Anyone who is interested should call Joan. The next exhibit (QUILTS!) will open on April 20 with a reception on April 23. Joan has talked to Rob Fisher about the new hanging device needed by July. However, we don't know what she found out since neither one of them were at the meeting at the time this report was given.


3) In regards to the Library Concert Series, Joan would like to have member of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts visit BHCA at the time of one of these concerts. There could be some hospitality involved. Is anyone interested in helping with this?


4) Joyce talked with Jim Hoy regarding the Garver Fund. He will send us a revised application. We will ask them for funds for the Summer Sounds and the Film Forum. They do not fund salaries. Also, one more person is needed to serve on the Garver Fund Committee.


5) Joan felt that there is a need to photograph our events for historical and grant submission purposes. Everyone thought it was a good idea and we let Rob Gannon know when he finally showed up from his ballroom dancing class that he had been "volunteered" to be the Official Photographer.


6) The Old House Fair brochure has been printed, labeled, and stuffed. Although none of us had seen it yet, we were told that it is "very nice."


     We then had some general discussion surrounding Joan's report. Not many people came to the last Gamble Mill reception. The exhibit was by Hopkins, a painter of rural landscapes, and Mary Ann Curione, a photographer of shop fronts.


Visitor from Museum. Helen told us that someone from the Southern Alleghenies Museum interested in seeing what BHCA does. This woman holds a seat on one for the review boards at the Pa. Council for the Arts. She will be attending either one of our spring concerts or the Old House Fair.


Leftover calendars. We have LOTS of leftover 1991 BHCA calendar. So we decided instead of letting them pile up, as they have done in previous years, we would give them to the attendees at the next Sunday Concert in the Library. They will be individually handed out rather than left on a table for people to pick up.


Courthouse concert. Rob Fisher has scheduled the preview date of Jazz and Video Improvisation for Saturday afternoon, June 1 at the Court House. They will practice on Friday evening, May 31. The three musicians are Jules Thayer, Scott Robinson, and Pheron Akloff. They will be accompanied by Rob's sculpture and video of Saudi Arabia. The program is called "A Page in the Book of Skies." We agreed to charge $5.00 per ticket. Helen will reserve the Court House. Judith will help with publicity. The program will start at 8 p.m. and last approximately 1 hour.


Special events card. Jim Dunne then suggested that we develop a special card design for special events such as the old House Fair or the Jazz Concert. It would be similar to other BHCA cards but would be unique enough to highlight these events as "special." Someone suggested that we might use Rob Gannon's photograph of the Brockerhoff.


Arts Coordinators Grants. Helen announced that Bill Daniels, the Program Director of PCA is applying for an NEA grant to fund Arts Coordinator(s) and asked Helen to help with the grants proposal. There was some confusion as to exactly what this grant is for -- is it a grant solely for Bellefonte or is it for a limited number of Coordinators throughout Pennsylvania? If the latter, then BHCA would have to compete for the funds. We asked Helen to get some clarification on this.


Porch photographer.  Melady and Helen took Bob Shriner, a photographer for PA Magazine around town to do a photo story on Victorian porches. Photos were taken of the Eighme, Lotz, Dipasquale, and D'Augelli/Dempsie porches.


NOW Feminist Film Festival. Joanne announced the NOW Feminist Film Festival. It will be held Saturday, April 27th at 8 p.m. in 169 willard Buildinq. The cost is $2.00.


Summer Sounds. Melady gave her report on the Summer Sounds program. The next meeting of this committee will be held during the day. Dave Trost is very active on this committee. Other members include Sandy Brown (tri-chair), Mary Addis (tri-chair), Melady Kehm, Nancy Miller (tri-chair), and Cathy Johnston. The program is as follows:

6/23 - Deacons of Dixieland

6/30 - Bald-Headed Blues Band (not yet confirmed)

7/7 - Keystone society of Swing

7/14 - Community Band (not yet confirmed)

7/21 - The Earth Tones

7/28 - Little German Band

8/4 - Crooked Stove Pipe Band. They may also bring a caller for dancing, possibly Netto Sutto.


The meeting adjourned at 10:45 pm.