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Minutes June 7, 1991

Attending: Helen Bechdel (President), Joanne Tosti-Vasey (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Nancy Perkins, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-president), Dave Trost, and Sarah Trost.


     The meeting was called to order at Rob and Melady’s home by Helen Bechdel at 8:30 p.m. – another meeting that started "on time."


     Nancy Perkins was introduced.  She is an industrial designer who just moved here from Chicago.  She has a studio in the Temple Court Building and lived in Toftrees, but will be moving to Bellefonte when her lease runs out.  Her aunt was Anna Keichline, the first female architect registered in PA.  Ms. Keichline was a resident of Bellefonte.  Nancy is working on a research project to catalog Anna Keichline’s buildings and furniture designs.  She is interested in putting together a traveling exhibit.


     Judith Schardt was in NY getting ready for Jules Thayer’s concert.  The Treasurer’s Report was delivered to Joanne and Joe in July.  Joan Blasko was not present because she decided a hot-air balloon ride was more important (next time, invite me!).



Accounts Current June 7, 1991 Previous 4/5/1991
CD 3,000.00 3,000.00
Savings 7,768.79 6,523.57
Totals 11,441.38 10,971.44
Interest (savings) 58.92  
Garver Fund (5/31) 1,500.00  
Library Concerts 41.00  
Gamble Mill Commission- Terry Johnson 34.80  
Donation 30.00  
Calendar 15.00  
Old House Fair Books 120.00  
Old House Registrations 1,.282.00  
Special Project: Fisher/Thayer 495.50  
Total Income 3,577.72  
Arts Coordinator (Feb-Mar) 528.00  
CAP 105.00  
Gamble Mill Mailing 69.58  
Operating Expenses 229.24  
Victorian Christmas 39.82  
Old House Fair 1,136.14  
Special Projects 1,000.00  
Total Expenses 3,107.78  





























          Melady then gave a report on the Old House Fair. We may have lost $300.00 on the event. The committee will be meeting again 'to consider suggestions for next year--and while at it may talk about ways to reduce losses. They are considering featuring gardens and landscaping as next year's topic. Anyway, 38 people attended. Gail Winkler discussed interiors from 1850-1910(circa) as well as the history of plumbing. Denson Grenendahl talked about the relationship of a building to its surroundings; he then reviewed participants' slides and did a question/answer period with a case history.


Someone then brought up the old idea of a revolving loan fund for renovations. The National Trust is having a conference on revolving funds, including appropriateness, how-to's, etc. It is scheduled from June 13 through June 15. It's very expensive to attend, so no one's going. A book from the National Trust on this topic is, however, forthcoming. Also, there is the possibility that the Department of Community Affairs (is this PA or the US or what?) might provide assistance in setting up such a scheme. Melady will check into obtaining a copy of the book. Someone asked if Historic Bellefonte, Inc. knew about, had any interest in this topic. Unfortunately, no one knew.


Dave Trost then discussed Summer Sounds. Eight events have been confirmed. The first group to play will be Deacons of Dixieland on June 23. A mailing announcing the groups will go out in the next week or so. Rob Gannon will put an announcement on C-Net. Only one problem was mentioned (so what else is new?) --The sound system we have available is not sophisticated enough for the Earthtones. Dave is still working on solutions.


The premiere of Jules' and Rob Fisher's jazz/video show at the Court House was well-attended. But since Judith wasn't here, no one knew how much money was taken in.


     Someone discussed Lee Melander's monologue, "Theater of the Heart."  This is a history of performances at the Garman Opera House. Helen brought in a copy of the script. It is still too long and Lee is working on tightening up the script (See, even we know the theater jargon!) It was suggested that the premiere of the monologue be on either August 16 or 17 to coincide with the Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair. Possible sites were considered including the Courthouse. However, the consensus was to hold it in the Garman Opera House, even in its current state. In order to do this, permission must be granted by Pat Casher, who is doing the renovation. The performance, once it's "tightened", should last about 45 minutes.


The Local Government Grants has been announced in the CDT. The deadline for submission is June 21.


We then acknowledged Jim Dunne's donation of a computer to BHCA, even though Jim wasn't there. Sorry about that, Jim; next time you'll need to be there. Joan Blasko has the computer in her possession.


The meeting was then adjourned so that:

1. We could be coerced into writing thank-you letters for contributions to BHCA.

2. Rob and Melady could give us a tour of their home.




The next BHCA meeting will be held on Friday, July 26, 1991 Place: Dave and Sarah Trost's, 223 West Curtin St., Bellefonte

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Please come!