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Minutes, March 22, 1992
Location: the home of Dave and Sarah Trost


Present: Dave Trost (president), Sarah Trost, Alex and Ellen Dyakiw, Mary Parmenter, Scott Shore, Joe Vasey, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Jim and Gay Dunn, Rob and True Fisher, Porter Versfelt, Helen Bechdel, Nancy Perkins, Kevin and Carol Burke, Judith Schardt (Treasurer), and Romayne Naylor (Secretary).


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as sent.


Treasurer's Report (Judith): Jan. 31, 1992: CD - $3,000; Savings - $3,993.12; Checking - $418.06; Total - $7,411.18. Feb. 29, 1992: CD - $3,000; Savings - $6,384.71; Checking - $499.06; Total - $9,883.77. Income: Interest - $34.66; Donations - $210; PA Arts Council - $1,500; McGuire Comm. - $14; Victorian Christmas - $977.93; Total $2,736.59. Expenses: Arts Coordinator's Salary - $264.


Arts Coordinator Report: In Joan's absence, Dave reported on correspondence. Phil Walz, Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, will conduct an on-site visit for the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts. Lurene Frantz will conduct a similar visit for the Pennsylvania Local Arts Network.


Joan has asked that we renew two subscriptions. Joanne moved and Jim seconded that we spend $25 to renew membership in PLAN, an arts activist group. We approved. Gay moved and Sarah seconded that we renew membership in Citizens For the Arts in Pennsylvania, an arts lobbyist group. We estimated the cost to be $25 and approved the motion.


We received a Local Government Grant for $7,750 ($250 less than applied for, because of funding cuts from the PA Council of Arts. The Film Forum grant came through and the application for next year's grant is due April 1.


BHCA can't get PA Council of Arts grants for the Old House Fair because the Council doesn't agree that it comes under our stated mission.


Gamble Mill Gallery Report (Sarah): The committee, a.k.a. Joan, Joyce and Sarah, are looking for artists for August-September 1992. There will be a local artists show in January 1993. Three elderly local artists who haven't shown before have already signed up for it. Porter suggested we send exhibit information to C. Jeff Vance, 214 Wagner Bldg., University Park, 'PA 16802 for inclusion in the WPSX program "Taking Note."


Library Concert Committee (Jim): The performer scheduled for Easter Sunday canceled because he's going home to Germany to visit his mother. Victorian Brass is scheduled May 3. A jazz concert by Victorian Brass is in the works.

      New Business:
        Dave met with Jessie Cline, Barbara Ross, Chip Marshall and Kirk Matson, members of the board of directors of the Bellefonte Music Theatre, which has leased the Garman Opera House. Much must be done before the theatre is structurally sound, and the group has doubled the cost figures given to us by Pat Casher a couple of months ago. They have asked for our mailing list and that we act as a conduit for grants.

        Helen and Gay expressed reservations about giving the group our stamp of approval until they've become more established. Porter and Dave said that, since the group is non-profit, it is in keeping with our mission to encourage and help them. Porter suggested holding a performance at the theatre as a fund raiser for them and for public relations purposes. Jim said the theatre would be perfect for a jazz concert. Nancy said we should give them our mailing list as a gesture of good will and hold off on any monetary contributions until we are more sure of them.


The discussion continued along these lines for some time before Dave brought us back on track by asking for a Film Forum report. Joe said the new management at the Elk's Club must vote on whether or not we can use the upstairs. Either way, there is space available.


Nancy suggested making ceramic cookie molds of Bellefonte's historic buildings rather than tin outline-style cutters to sell. That way, the item would be more decorative and, possibly, have wider appeal. They could be made locally at Granville Hollow Pottery. Porter suggested a set of molds that could be assembled into gingerbread replicas of the buildings. We decided Nancy should research the feasibility and cost of making the molds before we get too carried away.


Victorian Christmas Inc. is suffering massive burnout and would like other organizations to help this year. Dennis Mulvey and Ron Wiggan will be this year's co­chairs. If anyone would like to volunteer as individuals, see the attached list. We discussed what we might like to do as an organization. Judith said it would be high profile and beneficial for BHCA to help with selling ornaments, especially as we would be required to spend no money and it is relatively simple task, requiring only deciding on a design, placing the order and distributing them for sale. Last year the ornaments cost $900 and made $1,780, but any profit would go to Victorian Christmas. Judith moved and Sarah seconded and Mary thirded that we take over the ornament sale. Only Joanne disagreed.


Porter suggested we sell memberships at the Victorian Arts and Crafts Fair. We digressed and discussed whether or not to volunteer to staff the phones for the WPSX fundraising telethon. No decision was made.


Porter then suggested forming a BHCA Product Committee. True so moved and Joanne seconded, but it did not pass.


We moved off Victorian Christmas after 1 1/2 hours of brisk, tangential conversation.


Kevin's report of "No news" for the Portrait Committee drew a round of applause.


Nancy reported that she has been asked to do a permanent display of her aunts work in the community room of the Brockerhoff. It will open in August, during the Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair and will become a stop on the historical tour. She also plans to form a foundation that will eventually offer scholarships to women studying architecture and industrial design.


Dave reported for Rob. G. that the Bellefonte Borough Council would meet at 6 p.m. April 6 to discuss expansion of the Historic District. Jim said we should attend both the work session and the meeting. Rob G. asked that we submit and read a letter of support for expansion from BHCA.


The next meeting was set for "La Casa Fisher," at 228 North Allegheny Street, 7:30 p.m. April 24.


Respectfully submitted,
Romayne B. Naylor, Secretary