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Minutes, April 24, 1992
Location: the home of Rob and True Fisher


Present: Dave Trost (President), Sarah Trost; Rob and True Fisher; Rob Gannon; Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Mary Parmenter; Joan Blasko (Arts Coordinator); Helen Bechdel, Judith Schardt (Treasurer); Romayne Naylor (Secretary); Clay Herzog, and Jackie Schwab.

Minutes: The minutes were changed to read that we agreed to do the Gala for Victorian Christmas, not the ornaments as stated. Judith and Sarah are the co-chairs of the committee. Mary, Alex, Ellen and Porter are committee members. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Correspondence (Joan): We received a letter from Rockwell Productions Grand Candlelight Theatre in reference to Chip Marshall, a former employee there who is now a board member for Bellefonte Musical Theatre. Rob. G. suggested we invite him to attend our meetings. She read a notice from the Laura Davis Gallery at the South Hills Business School.

Treasurer's Report (Judith): Feb 29, 1992: C.D. - $3,000; Savings - $6,384.71; Checking - 499.06; Total $9,883.77. March 31, 1992: C.D. $3,000; Savings - $5,749.71; Checking - $432.31; Total 9,182.02. Income: Donations - $110; Library Concert - $20; Film Grant - $1,000; total $1,130. Expenses: Arts Coordinator - $528 to Joan Blasko for Feb. and March; Gamble Mill - $194.83 for Gallery reception, mailing and lights; Film - $1,000 to DRC; Film - $100 cash for change; Expenses - $8.92; Total $1,831.75.
     Judith also reported Mid-State Bank will no longer pay interest on balances under $100 and will now charge service fees on balances under $500.

Tangent: Attendance at the Film Forum attained a high of 40 and a low of 12.

Arts Coordinator (Joan): Grants are done. Special Support Grant through Media Arts Program for the Film Forum: We asked for $2,000. This year, we got $1,000 and asked for $2,000, so we asked for the same for next year in hopes of getting the same as we got this year. Local Arts Program: We asked for $3,000 to support our arts coordinator and got $1,500.
     Joan said we won't get any larger grants until we do more organization of the organization. We can get $1,000 technical assistance grant to have someone from the PA Council on the Arts come give us technical assistance towards that end.
     The Garver Fund is waiting for a letter with our budgets. Joan complimented Melady and True for suggesting preparing budgets at the beginning of each year. She said it made things much easier.   
      Joan's resignation is effective June 1. She will be in North Carolina the last three weeks in May. (I guess that means we are now basically rudderless -- We'll miss you, Joan.) Sarah would like to be considered for the position.

Gamble Mill Gallery: There will be an opening May 9 for Edna Raphael's water colors and photos by Megan Schlow. Sarah and Joan had to censor some of Schlow's works because they did not want to display nudity in the restaurant. Joan said that emphasizes our need for alternative space.
      Joan also reported Phil Walz, Executive Director of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and representative of the Council on the Arts, visited with her. He wants to come to some of our events. He was at last Gamble Mill opening, but wasn't able to get in at the Film Forum.
     Joan also said the last scheduled Gamble Mill exhibit will be Donald Shumaker of Lewistown. He has had paintings printed for fund raising in the past and Joan suggested asking him to do one of Bellefonte for us to sell.

We have received a request for a Local Government Grant from Josey Mauger for the Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair. True suggested re-publicizing the grants to see if we can get more applications. Rob G. noted that he gets the Gamble Mill Gallery notices too late for C-Net coverage. Sarah and Joan told him they can give him the schedule for a year in advance. Dave reported that Nancy asked him to suggest Edna Barker, a still life artist, for the local exhibit.

Library Concert: There is a conflict for the May 3 concert because the Library was included in the Homes Tour the same day. Jim had not mailed out concert notices, so we are assuming the concert was canceled.

Summer Sounds (Dave): The committee met and set the following schedule: June 21 - Bellefonte Community Band; June 28 - Amy Zook; July 5 - Bald Headed Blues Band; July 12 - Tommy Wareham; July 19 - possibly Passport; July 26 - Little German Band; Aug. 2 - Deacons of Dixie; Aug. 9 - possibly Neo Pseudo (possibly co-sponsored by Centre Home Care; Aug. 16 - State College Dance Band. Melady will check with Passport and True will check with Neo Pseudo for confirmation. Melady suggested asking Nancy Noll if Centre Home Care would rather switch and co-sponsor Little German Band because it's a more family oriented than Neo Pseudo.
     Chuck Bierlein asked True if he could sell popcorn, peanuts and shaved ice at the concerts. He offered to give us $.20 of each sale. Borough Manager Walt Peterson said no permit would be required as long as it is done as part of our fund raiser.
     Non-BHCA members Mary Addis, Mary McMurtrie, Margie Donoughe, Nancy Miller, Sandy Brown and Joanne Knupp have volunteered to help with Summer Sounds.

Film Forum: Joe wasn't present. Judith said the Forum was a success this year and attendance was good. Joan reported the committee will assume more responsibility for selecting films for the Forum in the future. A number of attendees told Joan they'd found out about the program through the newspapers. Joan said we should send thank-you notes for contributions $25 or greater.
            Other Business:
1) Rob. G. asked us to take note of the semi-expansion of the Bellefonte Historic District. So noted.
2) Romayne suggested asking the makers of Cat's Meow Village to make replicas of Bellefonte buildings for us to sell. It was decided that she should get more details on how that works.
3) Melady reported on the cookie mold project for Nancy Perkins. Grandville Hollow Pottery doesn't do that sort of work and suggested another ceramicist who may. Nancy also suggested a ceramic trivet tile similar to a Springerle mold. This would probably cost between $5 and $7.
4) It was decided that Alex and Ellen will stand in for Rob F. and True at the Victorian Christmas meeting.
5) Melady suggested submitting a copy of our schedule of events to the Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in their calendar.
6) Joan attended a CAPS seminar last year and suggested the new arts coordinator attend this years seminar in Harrisburg in May. CAPS will assign a mentor for the seminar and the coordinator will get new ideas and begin networking. The cost is approximately $105 plus two nights in a hotel. Lurene Frantz has seminar information. Upon discussion, we decided it would be a good investment. Joan suggested sending two people, but Rob. G. said it was too expensive and moved that we send one. Rob. F. seconded the motion and it was passed.

The next meeting was set for La Casa Trost, 223 W. Curtin St., at 7:30 p.m. May 15. Romayne moved and Helen seconded adjournment.


                                          Respectfully submitted,

    Romayne B. Naylor, Secretary