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Minutes, June 26, 1992


Present: Carol Wood; Porter Versfelt; Rob Gannon; Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Joyce Hagen; Dave Trost (President) and Sarah Trost (Arts Coordinator); Mary Parmeter; Joan Blasko; Helen Bechdel; Kevin and Carol Burke; Rob and True Fisher; Ellen and Alex Dyakiw (Treasurer); Peter Schneeman; Jim and Gay Dunne; and Romayne Naylor (Secretary).


Minutes: The minutes were approved as sent.


Treasurer's Report: Alex was unanimously elected treasurer. He reported receiving $1,500 for the Gamble Mill Gallery and $500 for the Film Forum from the Garver Fund. A $20 bill found in Talleyrand Park after the last Summer Sounds concert was deposited into the savings account. There is $6,900 in the savings account, $3,000 in a CD, and $862 in the checking account, for a total of $10,762.

Dave received a letter from Phil Walz in reference to his Pennsylvania Council on the Arts visitation. Walz was complimented our organization, but asked whether the arts administrator is a consultant or a part time employee. If she is a part time employee, we would be required to withhold taxes. Kevin moved and Alex seconded authorizing up to $100 for a professional opinion in writing. The motion was passed, and Gay and Romayne agreed to consult accountants.


Gamble Mill Gallery Report: Sarah resigned as chairman. Joyce, the new chairman, reported the committee met last week. Scheduled shows include: June 20-July 31, Bruce Shoboken and George Zoretich; Aug. 1-Sept. ii, Paul Kocela and Harriet Rosenberg; Sept. 12-Oct. 23, Susan Gephart and Thomas Nicholas; Oct. 23-Dec. 4, Brad Shoemaker (?); Dec. 5-31, Peter Pepe and son; and Jan. 16-Feb. 27, 1993, a group of Bellefonte artists. Dates for the 1993 shows and receptions were set.

The Local Government Grant didn't cover gallery costs, so the committee proposed sending a fund raising letter. Melady said we shouldn't send separate mailings asking for money. After discussion, we decided to use money from the treasury to make up the shortfall. Peter said this was justified because our fund raising letter listed the Gamble Mill Gallery as a project supported by donations. Jim moved and Porter seconded that $900 from the treasury be used to fund the Gallery. The motion passed.

Gay said the Gallery didn't receive more money because the LGG Committee had a limited amount to give in grants. True said, as administrators of the grants, we can fund our own activities first, and give the leftovers to other artists and programs. Joan said Vicki Wedler, chairman of the Centre County Commissioners, seems receptive to a budget item for arts in future county budgets. Rob F. asked the minutes note this is an emergency bailout.


Arts Administrator's Report: Sarah is adjusting to her new job and reviewing the files. She noted that our organization is thriving. In May 1986, we had only $486.05 in our checking account and $3,040.07 in savings. She added that she is formulating a long range plan to focus the committees more effectively. Jessie Cline of the Bellefonte Music Theatre said we can use the lobby of the Garman Opera House as alternative gallery space to display sculpture and other pieces unsuitable for the Gamble Mill. The theatre is not ready to open yet, so we have time to work on getting display pieces. Cline also asked that the theatre lobby be included in Melady's walking tours.


Rob F. said copies of our minutes should be given to the Historical Museum annually. Melady suggested bringing copies of old minutes to the next meeting so a complete set can be compiled.


We formed a finance committee to handle finances, publicity, fund raising and marketing. Melady, Joan, Alex, Porter and Sarah volunteered. Joan said we used to get corporate sponsorships and suggested asking the corporations for support again.


Summer Sounds Report: Dave reported Mary Addis will provide a list of concert coordinators so Alex can give them a check to pay the groups. Summer Sounds has been listed in the "Weekender," by A.J. O'Donald on WBLF and from the pulpit by the Lutheran minister. Sarah sent press releases on Summer Sounds and the Gamble Mill Gallery. When the CDT didn't use the information, she called and asked why. Apparently her call got results.


Ornaments: Melady reported we have no ornaments to sell at Christmas. Those Nancy Perkins had been researching are too expensive and it's already too late to order them for this year. Nancy will not be returning and has asked Melady to chair the committee. Melady doesn't want to. We had considered Romayne's suggestion of a specially designed Cat's Meow Village building in lieu of ornaments, but HBI may be selling similar buildings. Kevin will ask prison officials and Skills Inc. if either of their metal shops could make tin cookie cutters for us.

We decided to consider a ceramic tile trivet. Ellen said she'll check with a Mifflinburg ceramicist who does them. Melady volunteered to look locally.

Dave said thank you cards for last year's donations were never sent. Mary volunteered to do it.


Victorian Christmas: Porter resigned from the gala committee and Sarah resigned as its chair. Romayne volunteered to chair a committee comprised of Mary, Ellen, Alex and Sarah. Rob F. and his inmate crew will set up for the Arts and Crafts Show. The Trosts, Burkes, Dyakiws and Mary will serve coffee and doughnuts. Melady said she will do free walking tours, if Victorian Christmas will promote them. Plans must be finalized by Aug. 31 if they are to be included in the publicity.


We decided discussion of Bellefonte Borough's Comprehensive Plan was appropriate to BHCA's historical mission. After much discussion, members were urged to contact their councilmen and to attend the July 6 council meeting.


The next meeting is at the Burkes', Aug. 21 at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Romayne Naylor,  Secretary