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Minutes, August 21, 1992


Present: Ellen and Alex Dyakiw (Treasurer); Mary Parmenter; Dave Trost (President) and Sarah Trost; Carol and Kevin Burke; Joyce Hagen; Rob Gannon and Melady Kehm (Vice-President); Porter Versfelt; Jim and Gay Dunne; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); and Peter Schneeman.


Secretary's Report: The minutes were approved as corrected. Romayne passed a list of member names, addresses and phone numbers for corrections. This list will be kept current. Any member needing this information may request a copy.


Treasurer's Report: Alex reported receipts of $671.06 from Summer Sounds, $64 from the sales of ices, $18 from library concerts, and $70 from Gamble Mill Gallery, for a total of $823.06. There is $1,130.86 in checking, $6,416.99 in savings and $3,000 in CDs, bringing July's balance to $10,547.85. (Note: Romayne had an unfortunate coffee accident that obliterated part of her notes. Not wanting to call Alex in the middle of the night, she did her best to decipher the blur and apologizes if these numbers are not correct. Alex?) Alex also reminded us to use our tax exempt number for purchases.


Gamble Mill Gallery: The committee reviewed the work of two artists, scheduled the next exhibit and part of the one after that. Joyce said we need more quality artists. We discussed giving a printed card with the price list so potential buyers can mail in buying inquiries to increase gallery sales. Sarah suggested having a box in the gallery to drop the cards into also. The next gallery committee meeting will be at 8 p.m. October 4 at Joyce's.


Summer Sounds: Dave said the concerts were well received despite this year's problem weather. The biggest draws were Tommy Wareham, Deacons of Dixie and Passport. This is our 12th season, according to Melady, who said the series started in 1981 as a way to bring people to Talleyrand Park. At first we didn't pay the performers, later we gave them a $25 stipend for gas. Now everyone gets union rates. She noted this is a social event for which we receive a lot of good p.r. Alex said we should find a way to thank the Elk's Club Garver Fund and the committee for their support. Melady said we can mention the Elks on the fliers next year and Dave agreed to write a letter to be printed in the CDT Neighbors column.


Tile Committee: Ellen reported it was decided to have an 8X8 tile silk screened with a wash. It can be purchased plain or framed. The drawing will be from architectural line drawings of Bellefonte's buildings Melady supplied. The committee decided to keep the price low so people will buy the tiles. Ellen and Alex will notify committee members for the next meeting.


Library Concerts: The first Library Concert will be at 2:30 p.m. September 13. Jim will give Sarah promotional info by next Thursday. The schedule is: Diane Howard, violinist, accompanied by Teresa Murray, pianist; Simple Gifts; Victorian Brass; Karen Eckenroth and one more that needs to be booked. Rob G. said C-NET will film these.


Arts Administrator: Sarah reported we received PA Council on the Arts grants for administrative services and the Film Forum. We asked for $2,000 and got $1,000. They had $8 million to award and $21 million in requests. Grant reports due in September are in progress. Susan Nicholas Gephart and Thomas Gephart will be the next gallery opening.


Finance Committee: The committee will meet soon to discuss increasing revenues from the Gamble Mill Gallery.


New Members Pot Luck: All committee chairs will give short reports. Melady or Sarah will call members with the date and location. Names and addresses of potential new members should be given to Melady or Sarah so they can send invitations.


Other Business

Rob G. said Borough Council expects to pass the long term plan soon. The Borough's truck committee is again trying to find out if truck traffic is a problem and, if so, what to do about it

Both of Jim's vacant storefronts were used during the Arts and Crafts Fair. John Bubb's sculpture was displayed in the window of the former Levine's and the former Dazzle Me was a hospitality suite. Jim offered use of these spaces for art work for as long as they remain empty.

The Kechline Gallery is open. Rob G. said the reception was very nice. We can also put sculpture there.

Gay suggested getting a list of local artists who participated in the Arts and Crafts Fair to find new talent for our galleries.

Sarah asked if anyone found out about the tax status of her job. Romayne's brother, an accountant, said a 1099 is sufficient if her title and job description list her position as a part time consultant.

We discussed the possibility of distributing a booklet, tentatively titled "Living in Historic Bellefonte," to people living in the Historic District.

Mary reported on the Victorian Christmas meeting. This year's ornaments feature the Big Spring. Only one of the 26 advance issue ornaments was left after the Arts and Crafts Fair, so this year might be a sellout. Penn State is offering a Continuing Ed course on Christmas Customs. Sign-ups for the 14K Volks March are beginning. Due to complaints of the scarcity of lights on the Diamond Christmas tree in recent years, it will be shorter this year. That way the lights can be placed more densely.

Porter announced his United Way video, hosted by Mike Porter and featuring Bellefonte, will be shown four times on Pennarama and Pennsylvania Chronicles this fall.


Gay moved and Mary seconded adjournment.


The next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. November 20, 1992 at the Trosts, 223 W. Curtin St.

Respectfully submitted,

Romayne B. Naylor, Secretary