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Minutes, February 19, 1993


Present: Joe Vasey; Joanne Tosti-Vasey; Rob and True Fisher; Helen Bechdel; Sarah Trost (Arts Coordinator) and Dave Trost (President); Kevin and Carol Burke; Mary Parmenter; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); Paul and Cheryl DeCusati; Rob Gannon; Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Jim and Gay Dunne.

Location: the home of Helen Bechdel


Secretary: The minutes were approved as presented.


Treasurer: Alex sent a financial report. Assets CDs $3460, savings $6712, checking $669, total $10,840.  Tiles update: total cost for 100 tiles $740; 72 sold so far brought in $765.  It was approved as presented. Financial reports will be distributed at future meetings.


Arts Coordinator: Sarah reported the Gamble Mill Gallery Committee will soon set the rest of this year's schedule. She reminded members to attend the opening receptions. Dues are due now. We've been asked to sponsor program ad for Bellefonte High School's "Hello Dolly." A vote was deferred until after Sarah's report. The Valentine fund raising letter was a hit. We received $635 in the first week, and contributions are still coming. Thank yous will be sent to each donor and they will not be solicited for the Fall fund raiser. Mary moved and Kevin seconded that we sponsor a $20 half-page ad for "Hello Dolly." The motion passed.


Tiles: We've already collected $765 on the project, for a $25 profit, so far. After giving a tile to ace tile-seller, Ron Wiser, and one to the artist, Joan, we have 17 unframed and eight framed tiles left. The committee is considering doing one of the Bush Arcade.


Summer Sounds: Melady said the schedule is similar to last year's, with the addition of the Jumpin' Mudcats and either the State College Dance Band or Keystone Society of Swing. Four of the eight concerts are confirmed. The series runs from the third weekend in June through August 8. We could go two more weeks if we can get volunteers to host them.


Old House Fair: The committee reviewed previous Old House Fairs and decided not to limit attendance by having topics related to the era of the house. Under consideration are: landscaping and gardening; pest elimination; financing renovations; an Historical and Architectural Review Board member; and an old fixture specialist. "Old House Starter Kits" from the National Historic Trust are available for $9 each. Romayne suggested Ed Tallman, a restorative architect from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, and Gay mentioned Douglas Reed, a historic building contractor from Hagerstown, MD. Melady said there will be an overview, followed by a question and answer period with slides. The Bush House is available October 2, 23, and 30.


Library Concerts: Dave and Jim reported a "massive turnout" of about 65 people for "Simple Gifts." The C-Net monitor was popular because many people couldn't get in. WPSX, WPSU and The Centre Daily Times gave us good publicity. The next concert is Victorian Brass February 28. Bella Chorda String Quartet will perform April 18 and Karen Eckenroth is scheduled May 2.


Mailing List: After weeding out 50 duplicates and invalid addresses, the "events" mailing list is now 748 names long.


Film Forum: Joe reported "My Mother Thought She Was Audrey Hepburn" by Sharon Jue, will be screened April 7, followed by "Medieval Woman" by Joyce Salisbury, and "Pennsylvania Journey" by Dr. Pierce Lewis on April 14, "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues" by Carole van Falkenburg and Christine Dall on April 21 and "Women of Steel" by Allyn Stewart and "Coal Mining Women" by Elizabeth Barrett on April 28.


Sarah reminded us committee budgets are needed before filling out grant applications next month.


The next meeting was set for Alex and Ellen's house at 7:30 p.m. March 19. At 9:25 p.m. Romayne moved and Sarah seconded adjournment. The motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Romayne B. Naylor, Secretary