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Minutes, April 16, 1993


Present: Rob and True Fisher; Rob Gannon; Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Joe Vasey; Joanne Tosty-Vasey; Kevin and Carol Burke; Alex Dyakiw (Treasurer) and Ellen Dyakiw; Paul and Cheryl DeCusati; Dave Eggler; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); Jim and Gay Dunne;Helen Bechdel; Dave Trost (President) and Sarah Trost (Arts Administrator)

Location: the home of Rob and True Fisher


Minutes: Dave called for gripes about the minutes. Sarah said the tentative date for the Old House Fair is Oct. 23, not Oct. 22 as reported. The minutes were approved as corrected.


Treasurer's Report: Assets CDs $3460, savings $7406, checking $562, total $11,429.

Arts Administrator: Sarah received $205 from the Valentine fund raising letter, for a total of $1,498. True was the only committee chairman to submit a budget, so Sarah used last year's budgets to write grants. The Gamble Mill Gallery Committee, Alex and Dave will meet April 22 at Joyce's to discuss reception cost increases. Sarah noted a good turn out at the last reception and said Jean Porter sold 10 pieces priced $120-250. (She exhibited 12.)
     Jim moved and Alex seconded that we fund Sarah's attendance at a two-day Art Alliance seminar with the Pennsylvania council on the Arts in Harrisburg in May. The cost is $150. The motion passed.
     Sarah said Jim's CDT Weekender story got a good response, so maybe he should handle publicity. Nothing was decided.

Film Forum: Joe said the 16 in attendance liked using The Bush House. The building is handicapped accessible, which is viewed favorably by the Council on the Arts when reviewing grant applications. Sarah said they also look for themes, something to remember for next year.

Summer Sounds:
Everybody did his or her job, so Dave had nothing to report.

Old House Fair:
The committee will meet April 21, as planned.

Library Concerts:
Jim said Bella Chorda String Quartet performs Sunday.

Victorian Christmas:
True has had two calls from craftsmen about the Victorian Arts and Crafts Show. Alex said the committee still needs volunteers.

Ellen said the new tile may be a"drawering" of the lawyers' offices on the corner of High and Spring Streets. Nearly all the first tiles have been sold and people are asking when the next one will be issued. It has been decided to have limited editions of 100.

New Business:
Romayne asked for volunteers for the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games at Penn State June 10-13.

     The next meeting was set for May 14 at Melady and Rob's. (Secretary's Note: That meeting was later changed to May 21 at Dave and Sarah's -- R.) Jim moved and Sarah seconded adjournment. The motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Romayne B. Naylor