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Minutes, May 21, 1993


Present: Dave Trost (President) and Sarah Trost (Arts Administrator); Joe Vasey; Jim Dunne; Dave Eggler; Kevin and Carol Burke; Helen Bechdel; Alex Dyakiw (Treasurer); Porter Versfelt; Kevin and LeeShaun Musick; and Romayne Naylor (Secretary)

Location: the home of Dave and Sarah Trost

Alex moved and Porter seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. The motion carried.

Arts Administrator:
Sarah reported another $175 from the Valentine fund raiser, for a total of more than $1,600. Sarah will be having surgery in late June, but her duties will be continued by Dave and their daughter Lauren. The Gamble Mill Gallery schedule is completed through January 1994. The next exhibit is photography by Skip Gleichman (Sarah's brother from Illinois) and Sue Parsonage. Sarah never received a registration notice for the arts seminar in May, and so did not attend. Notification for local government grant requests will soon be appearing in the Centre Daily Times.

Summer Sounds: Everything is going smoothly. Each concert costs approximately $125. Alex said we need to get the ice man back because we make good money on his sales.

Film Forum:
Joe reported the last shows were successful, with 14 and 18 attendees respectively. The last minute scramble to replace a missing projector the last night might leave a big hole in the budget.

At this time Jim and the Trosts' cat began developing a special relationship. After the cat spent several minutes rubbing herself on Jim's shoes, he confessed tiptoeing through the mint on his way to the meeting.

Victorian Christmas:
The board still needs volunteers.

Library Concerts:
Jim, with the hallucinating cat entwined about his feet, reported several groups are interested in performing next season. The last concert had 35 in attendance.

The committee is waiting tc hear from Joan on the drawings for a new tile. Doing two tiles concurrently is being considered.

Old House Fair:
The April meeting was cancelled. The next meeting will be in June. Alex suggested selling tickets at the Arts and Crafts Fair in August.

     The next meeting was set for 7:30 p.m. June 18 at the Dyakiws.  Alex moved and Dave E. seconded adjournment.

Respectfully submitted,


Romayne B. Naylor