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Minutes, December 2, 1994


Present: Kevin Musick (President), Ed Olsen, Molly Schwartz, Frank Dankanich, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-president), Dave & Sarah Trost, Paul DeCusati (Treasurer) & Cheryl DeCusati, Claudia Wilson (Arts Administrator), Jim & Gay Dunne, Rob & True Fisher, Candy & Bob Danneker, Dave Eggler (Secretary)

Presiding: Kevin Musick (President)

Locale: The home of Dave & Sarah Trost


Minutes: Rob moved and Sarah seconded a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Passed.


Treasurer's Report: Paul reported $1177.82 in checking, $9830.35 in savings, and $3,609.10 in CD's, for a total of $14,617.27.  Monies have been received, through the PA Council on the Arts, for the Gamble Mill Gallery ($2200), Arts Administrator ($1750), and Film Forum ($2000).  The Fund Raising Letter has to date raised $1370, and the Victorian Christmas Craft Show Table Rental $2775.  A Local Government Grant for $300 will support the Old House Fair.

           Paul requested budgets from the various committees and subcommittees for 1995.

           BHCA may undertake a special fundraiser for the children's art program.  Brainstorming discussion followed.


Victorian Christmas:  True reported that the Arts & Crafts Show is totally filled.  BHCA members' assignments for the Show were reviewed.  Candy pitched the Folk Tales live performances on Saturday of Victorian Christmas at 1-3 PM.  The Adam & Art new show on that Friday evening, following opening ceremonies, will also be a must-see occasion.  January 7, 1995 is undecorating day in downtown Bellefonte.


Library Concerts: The next concert will occur in late March.


Publicity/Advertising: on hiatus.


Artscape: The $1500 Legislative Initiative/PA Historical Museum grant, previously announced, is fully approved and will pay Melady to be a long-range planner.  Ed and Melady outlined a seed-project proposal for BHCA to rent three artist's spaces in the Bush House complex and to sublet these to artists.  The Artscape committee is planning another potential grant for a year's funding.  The assembled BHCA group voiced enthusiasm for the concept and their willingness to perform physical labor on the remodeling project.  Melady discussed a future vision -- new artist's studios, galleries, and restaurants for Bellefonte, all within easy walking distance, and coordination of their activities for an event like "First Friday".


Old House Fair: Kevin reported that March 25, 1995 is the date for the next Fair.  Some speakers are already lined up; new committee members are needed.


Arts Administrator: Claudia reported that monies in excess of $1500 were raised from the Halloween-theme fund-raising mailing, mostly in small donations.  She reported her intent to apply for funds for next year for the Film Forum, Arts Administrator position, and the children's arts program.

           She issued a plea for the Committees of BHCA to cooperate on setting an advance 6-month or 12-month calendar of events for better media coverage.  She recommended that events be presented in new and creative ways, a necessity in order to obtain any newspaper coverage at all.

           The BHCA Mailing List is newly updated and will continue to circulate at meetings until it is utterly correct.


Film Forum: Dave T. reported that the Adam & Art gallery has volunteered space for showings.


Gamble Mill Gallery: Works of Diane Maurer-Matheson and Jeff Matheson are currently exhibited at the Mill, with the Centre County slide show to follow.  Artists are needed for ensuing weeks.  The Gamble Mill itself has received word that it will receive an award for Historic Preservation.  Candy pointed out that the existence of the Gallery was a contributing factor in this selection.


Good of the Order: Melady reminded members of the Dec. 3 walking tour for BHCA "interns".  Gay reported that a BHCA committee met with Claudia and discussed her workload and responsibilities with respect to the written job description.  They feel that she is doing a very good job.


Next Meeting: January 20 at the home of Helen Bechdel, February 17 at Dave & Betsey Eggler, March 17 possibly at the Bush House.  The BHCA Christmas party for members and guests and community movers-and-shakers is on December 16 at the home of Ed Olsen and Molly Schwartz.


Adjournment: Melady moved, Candy seconded, no dissension.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        David H. Eggler, Secretary