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Minutes, January 28, 1994

Present: Stewart Krantz; Sarah Trost (Arts Administrator) & Dave Trost (President); Kevin Musick; True & Rob Fisher; Dave Eggler; Helen Bechdel; Kevin & Carol Burke; Rob Gannon & Melady Kehm (Vice-president); Porter Versfelt; Peter Schneeman; Gretchen Hyle; Paul & Cheryl DeCusati; Joe Vasey & Joanne Tosti-Vasey; Jim Dunne; and Romayne Naylor (Secretary).


Minutes: Jim moved, Porter seconded and the minutes were approved as sent. After much discussion about presenting copies of the minutes to the Centre County Library and Historic Museum, Romayne said she will check to see which minutes they already have and make sure they get copies of the rest bound in yearly volumes, if they will accept them. Gladys Murray of the historic museum portion has refused them in the past.


Treasurer: Dave T. reported in Alex's absence. He said the books have been audited. Alex has set up committee budgets which he will review with Sarah to be sure each is adequate. Assets: Checking $1421, savings $6485, CDs $3550, total $11,556.  Rob G. moved, Melady seconded and the financial report was approved.


Arts Administrator: Sarah received a Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania letter asking us to contact our legislators in re: changes in the non-profit tax exemption laws. Sarah will be doing a "Send Us Some Presidents" President's Day fund raiser.


Gamble Mill Gallery: Sarah reported for Joyce Hagen. A press release about the 2nd Annual Local Artists Group Show sent to the Centre Daily Times was severely cut. The show opens Feb. 2nd. The gallery committee is in dire need of new members. Joyce may be leaving the area and wants to get someone trained. True suggested Tim Johnson and Melady said Connie Tinkleman is interested.


Old House Fair: Kevin M. passed out copies of the logo he designed (Secretary's note: Now that we know he's so talented we'll have to take advantage of him --R.) The corporate sponsor brochure was also passed out. Dave T. noted Cheryl has become our "A#1 fund raising whiz." Publicity arrangements, speakers and door prizes were discussed. Romayne recruited members for WPSX's March membership drive. She said staffing the phone banks during the how-to shows would be a good publicity tie-in for the Old House Fair and gain public exposure for BHCA in general. Dave & Sarah; Dave E.; Rob G. & Melady; Romayne, Porter; Kevin & Leeshaun Musick; Joe and Joanne; and Paul and Cheryl volunteered. Romayne will try to get the 2nd afternoon shift on March 13. (Secretary’s note: She did, see the extracted dates below for instructions -- R.)


Summer Sounds: The committee will meet in February. Melady suggested vocalist Beth Williams. Peter suggested Queen Bee.


Library Concerts: Jim reported the first concert, 20th century American music, is next Sunday. Others scheduled are: Feb. 28, French horn and piano; and April 17, Victorian Brass. Adam & Art gallery is going to be on the Spring Homes Tour. Jim reported the gallery's opening party was "sensational." Rob G. said he talked to a State college woman who was very upset because "it was the party of the century and she missed it."


Film Forum: Joe has two alternatives: local producers or documentaries on Pennsylvania. Sarah reminded him there must be a theme. Melady suggested Peter's Emmy Award-winning daughter as a producer. Porter volunteered a 30 minute special on the KKK in Pennsylvania.


Victorian Christmas: Romayne reported new officers have been elected, new committees appointed and several changes in the membership of the Board have occurred.


Good of the Order: Rob G. requested a list of dates be extracted and placed at the end of each month's minutes. Romayne agreed to try it for a while. Dave T. requested that we develop a schedule of who is hosting BHCA meetings several months in advance instead of asking for volunteers at the end of each meeting. The following volunteered: the Burkes, February; Dave E., March; Helen, April; Rob G. & Melady, tentatively May; the Dunnes, June; and Porter, tentatively July. The standing meeting date is the third Friday of each month.

Jim moved adjournment. Porter seconded and the motion passed.



Respectfully submitted,

                                                            Romayne B Naylor, Secretary                        


February 25, 7:30 p.m.: The next meeting at the Burkes, 299 W. Linn St., Bellefonte.

Feb. 28: Library Concert -- French horn and piano.

March 13, 3-7:15 p.m.: The volunteers listed above should report to WPSX, Wagner Annex, University Park at least 15 minutes early for orientation.

April 17: Library Concert -- Victorian Brass.