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Minutes, March 18, 1994


Present: Sarah Trost (Arts Coordinator) and Dave Trost (President); Bill Syken; Alex Dyakiw (Treasurer) and Ellen Dyakiw; Joe Vasey and Joanne Tosti-Vasey; Helen Bechdel; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); True and Rob Fisher; Melady Kehm (Vice-president) and Rob Gannon; Kevin and Leeshaun Musick; Peter Schneeman; and Jim and Gay Dunne.

Location: The home of Helen Bechdel


Secretary: Alex moved, Melady seconded and a motion to approve the minutes passed.


Treasurer: Alex reported a $108 commission received from Fred Weber for several photos sold at the Gamble Mill Gallery. Copies of the auditor's report are available for review. The auditor said the CD's aren't making enough money and should be earmarked for a project or otherwise used. Melady suggested a miscellaneous fund be formed. Alex asked for committee budgets and said receipts should be recorded in the minutes. Dues et cetera should be paid by check so there's a record of each transaction. Donations of more than $250 require a letter of acknowledgement. Alex asked for dues payments.
     March checking $1414, savings $7160, CDs $3550, total assets $12,125..


Gamble Mill Gallery: Sarah reported for Joyce Hagen. The only open date this year is the July show. An area photography club has expressed interest in a group show. Joyce hasn't found anyone to take over the chairmanship of this committee. She's getting ready to move, but will train someone if there's time before she goes. Karen Baker, Dave Eggler and Paul Ruby will be new committee members. The last artist's reception was well attended. Romayne reported we got our money's worth in food. Melady suggested sending a letter to the Centre Daily Times "Neighbors" column thanking the Gamble Mill Gallery Committee members.


Arts Coordinator: Sarah will remain in this position through June if necessary. Grants are due April 15. She has a resume and cover letter from Claudia Wilson. Claudia was accepted for the position before but couldn't take it. She is interested again. Sarah reported the Gamble Mill mailing was late because the Post Office held it a week before mailing it. A "computer disk failure" message is appearing on the mailing list. Joe said he can scan the hard copy and create an ASCII file. Grants arrived today. We received $1500 for the Arts Coordinator's salary and $2000 for the Film Forum. The Borough received an approval for $3000 in Local Government Grants.


Summer Sounds: The committee met March 9 to set a tentative schedule. The first week is the Community Band. The Jaffa Shrine Band cancelled for the second week and its members were pronounced "worms" by Dave. Peter offered to try Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band to replace them. The third week is the Mick Dennis Trio, then Tommy Wareham, Red Apple Juice, Little German Band, Bald Headed Blues Band, Simple Gifts and Deacons of Dixieland. Rob G requested early notification of concerts for C-Net purposes. Dave said a request for funding will be sent to the Elks' Garver Fund.


Old House Fair: Leeshaun reported fliers and posters are out. There have been articles in the CDT, Where & When, Town & Gown, Real Estate Buyers’ Guide and In Sights. Leeshaun was interviewed for WBLF Radio. There will be seven door prizes, folders with printed note paper, pens, and brochures from sponsors. There will be displays in the windows of the former National Store and signs are already on The Diamond. The committee will staff a booth selling tiles and books. Tickets cost $10 each or $15 per couple and include lunch. Leeshaun suggested proceeds be placed in a fund earmarked for the purchase of a property for a permanent gallery and BHCA home.


Film Forum: Joe reported the local Human Relations Commission wants to see Porter's KKK film. Dave suggested a BHCA meeting be held on one of the screening nights. Admittance must be a donation because of the source of some of the films. Two dollars was the suggested amount. The $2000 grant will be used to cover speaker's fees, tickets, movie rentals, venue rent, film maker stipends, food et cetera,


Library Concerts: Jim Dunne reported the performances will be: April 17, Victorian Brass; April 29 Celia somebody whose name he would not spell when asked; then Bella Chorda String Quartet sometime in May.


Good of the Order: Rob G., Melady, Joe and Joanne, Romayne, and Kevin and Leeshaun reported the WPSX membership drive was fun. The Victorian Christmas Board of Directors is still recruiting members. Anyone interested is asked begin attending meetings at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month in the John Miller Room of the Centre County Library and Historical Museum.


Adjournment: Romayne moved, Joanne and Kevin tied in seconding and a motion to adjourn was passed. The next meeting was scheduled on April 15, tentatively at Dave and Betsey Eggler's home, depending on how Betsey's ruptured Achilles' tendon is progressing.



Respectfully submitted,

Romayne B. Naylor