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Minutes, June 17, 1994

Present: Jim and Gay Dunne; Rob Gannon and Melady Kehm; Cheryl and Paul DeCusati; Alex Dyakiw; Sarah Trost and Dave Trost (President); Gretchen Hile; Bob and Candy Dannaker; Dave Eggler; Claudia Wilson (Arts Coordinator); Kevin and Leeshaun Musick; Helen Bechdel; Romayne Naylor (Secretary); Kevin and Carol Burke and Joe Vasey.


Secretary: The minutes of the previous meeting, done by Cheryl in Romayne's absence, were approved as corrected.


Treasurer: Alex's report was approved as submitted.


Arts Coordinator: Sarah introduced the new Arts Coordinator, Claudia Wilson. There was a letter from the Bellefonte Area Chamber of Commerce about $5 raffle tickets to win $500 in lottery tickets. There will be a Center For Rural Pennsylvania seminar on revitalizing downtown Bellefonte 8:30-11 a.m. June 29 at the Bush House. The cost is $25. Claudia reported on the Pennsylvania Arts Alliance conference she attended May 2-3. The Alliance suggests interesting journalists in reporting arts events by inviting them to meetings and schmoozing with them about local arts happenings at other events. Organizations must target what it needs to publicize, highlighting the changes for newsworthy releases. The presenters said there should be at least four prospects for each gift solicited. For two $1000 donations, there should be at least eight prospects capable of such a gift. There was some discussion that BHCA, Historic Bellefonte Inc. and the Historical Society are often perceived as being one organization. Melady suggested differentiating BHCA by including a mission statement in all mailings. The Centre Daily Times' new editor has invited the leaders of several community organizations and projects to a luncheon. Gay is going, True cannot, but will try to get her invitation extended to Dave T.


Summer Sounds: Though we pay bands $130 (union scale), Larry Acker of Bellefonte Community Band intends to put out a donation bucket for the band. Two years ago we collected $30 at the Community Band concert, so Dave T. said we should say "fine, but then we're not paying you." Melady said the Community Band left us in a lurch last year when they pulled out of the concert commitment at the last minute to be in State College's July 4th parade. Her sentiment is that we don't allow Acker to collect money and that we not invite the band back next year.

     Candy said the Gamble Mill Gallery and Adam & Art should advertise during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. and Gretchen said fliers should be placed in Boalsburg during the Peoples' Choice Arts Festival. Alex moved, Sarah seconded and a motion passed to purchase a CDT ad not to exceed $125 to publicize the concert series.


Good of the Order: Candy said Temple Court Crafters is looking for quality crafters and Ruffles and Treasures and other new businesses need our support. Cheryl sent thank you letters to the Old House Fair sponsors. Gretchen announced a performance with Turkish music and poetry at Adam & Art at 7:30 p.m. June 24. The summer show at Adam & Art, "Festival at the Gallery," is July 20­Aug. 20, with the reception 7-10 p.m. July 15.


Adjournment: There will be no meeting in July. Cheryl volunteered to host the August meeting at a date to be announced. Alex moved, Sarah seconded, a motion to adjourn was passed and we adjourned to refreshments in the cool outdoors.


Respectfully submitted,


Romayne B. Naylor