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Minutes, August 12, 1994

Present: Helen Bechdel, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Claudia Wilson (Arts Coordinator), Charlie Farrell, Candy and Bob Dannaker, Gay Dunne, David Eggler, Paul and Cheryl DeCusati, Molly Schwartz and Ed Olsen.


Minutes: Rob moved, Charlie seconded and the minutes were approvcd as presented.


Treasurer: There is a balance of $634.28 in checking.


Summer Sounds. Summer Sounds appears to be breaking even. There have been good crowds. Next year July 14 and 23 will coincide with the Bicentennial celebration, so the entertainment should be real crowd pleasers. Next summer will be the15th season.


Victorian Christmas: Cheryl put together a portfolio for fuind raising. Anyone with fund raising suggestions should talk to Cheryl. True Fisher is organizing the Victorian Arts and Crafts Fair at the YMCA and all is going well.


Librarv Concerts: Diana Gold Toulson might be willing to organize this season.


Arts Coordinator: Claudia reported BHCA received a $2000 grant for the Film Festival and a $1750 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant for the Arts Coordinator. Doyle Corman and Ruth Rudy sent us congratulatory letters. There was discussion about how the grant money should be spent There is no Film Festival coordinator yet. Rob said the films should be of high quality and opined Porter's film was, the best of the last season.  Claudia said there is a large volume of mail and, if she doesn't mention a specific item we're expecting, ask about it. Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania is seeking people to meet with the legislators.  Pending  legislation will affect non-profit status of groups, and the organization urges members to call their senators.  TCI solicited an ad from us. The Gamble Mill show mailing is completed.


Membership: There was discussion as to how to recruit new members. Word of mouth has worked well in the past. If you know of prospective members, give their name and address to Claudia and she will send them our mailings.


Gamble Mill Gallery: Chinese Folk Painting by Pleasant Fare was controversial. The question was, whether the gallery should be reserved for local artists.  (Controversy was that a Chinese folk art broker wanted to do a show, but that is a commercial enterprise and not in keeping with the spirit of the Gamble Mill Gallery.)


Local Government Grant: The Local Government Grant is $8,500, the same as last year. Three thousand of that is from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and $5,500 is from Bellefonte Borough. Some uses: Gamble Mill Gallery, $2200; Old House Fair, $300 for speakers fees; Film Forum, nothing; Library, $4500 ($3500 of the Borough’s money is for the Library’s use and $1900 for Library Concerts; YMCA Artists in Residence Program, $600 to pay for adult artist presentations for the children.


Nominating Committee: There have not been elections in three years. The committee is charged with finding a slate of nominations. Thus far Melady has been nominated for vice president and Dave Eggler for secretary.  President and Treasurer remain to be filled. Melady raised the issue of having a committee lo do BHCA advertising for a full year. Claudia should be on that committee and Candy, Gay, and Melady volunteered.


New Business: Rob said $1500 is available as a Legislative Assistance Grant to attract artists to Bellefonte, providing housing and studio space.  The Cherry Lane project must devise a way to utilize the small buildings along the street without requiring the  purchase of the houses on the front of the lots.  Long term leases should be considered. Candy said Paul Houck wants to start a Bcllefonte Artifacts and House Museum. The Linn House is a possible site, and Peoples Bank has been asked to donate the building to BHCA.


Adjournment: Gay moved. Bob seconded, and a motion to adjourn passed. The next meeting will be September 16 at the Dannaker home. Molly and Ed offered to host the November meeting, but there is no host scheduled for the October meeting.


Respectfully submitted from notes provided by Paul and Cheryl DeCusati
Romayne B. Naylor, Secretary