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Minutes, October 20, 1995


Present: Paul DeCusati ((Treasurer), Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Claudia Wilson (Arts Administrator), Rob & True Fisher, Jim & Gay Dunne, Mark VanHorne, Peter Schneeman, Dave Eggler (Secretary)

Presiding: Melady Kehm (Vice President)

Locale: The home of Peter Schneeman


Minutes: Jim moved and Gay seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the September 15 meeting as read. Passed.


Treasurer's Report: Paul presented the Treasurer's Report. For the period 8/1/95 to 9/30/95 cash inflows were $3791, principally ($3200) in grants for the Arts Administrator and Film Forum. Outflows were $1692. On September 30 balances were $11,159 in bank accounts and $4674 in CD's. True moved and Dave seconded that the report be accepted. Passed.


Arts Administrator:

The file of accumulated mailings received was circulated.

The Masque Ball Halloween event, a combined Gallery at Gamble Mill opening and fundraiser, was announced. Members were asked to distribute flyers at work and at downtown businesses.


Summer Sounds: Melady reported that Mary Addis is resigning as Chair. A new Chair will be needed for next season.


Film Forum: The rumor was circulated that Dave T. is looking for committee members.


Old House Fair. The OHF event will occur in 1996. A meeting has been announced.


Library Concerts: The next concert is on November 12, with the Duo Concertante, a chamber music duo of Diane Gold Toulson on flute and Hanni Schmid Wyss, from Switzerland, on piano.


Teddy Bear Tea Party: Paul reported that the TBTP was a huge success. Organized by Cheryl and Paul and held at their home, it was attended by 40 children and 15 adults and featured a recital by Suzuki violin children. Reportage was excellent, with a picture in the CDT.


Victorian Christmas: True reported that she has received 40 applications for the 36 tables at the BHCA-sponsored Arts & Crafts Fair, an indication of excellent enthusiasm. She solicited volunteers for the December 8 setup and for Saturday and Sunday personning of the BHCA booth.


Artscape: No report.


Gallery at The Gamble Mill: Dave reported that he has indeed taken over as GGM Chair. The schedule for 1996 is more-or-less filled out. The Committee wants to float the idea of an 8-week rather than 6-week schedule, and it wants to erect a permanent sign with provision for an insertable billing of the current exhibit. Members present strongly backed the idea of the more-leisurely schedule. Paul moved and Peter seconded a motion to allocate up $300 for a sign. Passed.

The Masque Parade exhibit beginning October 28 features masks by Dave Trost (the younger), Harriett and Aaron Rosenburg, Connie Tinkelman, Mary Beth Ruby, and Alicia Manzitti.


Old Business:

Fulbright Day in Bellefonte, as previously announced, will occur on November 4. International visiting scholars at Penn State will be viewing Bellefonte. Bob Ott has set up this event. Two BHCA members will be needed to set up cider & donuts. Melady will lead a walking tour.

Romayne's Ghost Tour for a Halloween event will be planned for next year.

Dave reported that he has spent long hours (long because he didn't really know what he was doing) setting up the newly-donated BHCA 386 PC. It now boasts a new 500 Mb harddrive, color monitor, 3.5-inch drive, 600 dpi HP laser printer, DOS 7.0, and complete Microsoft Office software package. The BHCA mailing list was transferred successfully from its ancient non-DOS floppy into the database application of Office.


New Business:

Melady asked that members think about nominations for Treasurer. Elections are upcoming.

Ed Olsen and Molly Schwartz have volunteered again this year to host the BHCA Christmas Party. Kevin is putting together a collage of photos and articles that have featured BHCA events in 1994 and 1995. Melady asked members to identify one guest to invite; the relevant and influential poohbahs of the area should be invited again, including those of the Garver Fund. Possible dates were discussed; it probably will occur on the weekend of December 15.

The Music Academy will hold a concert in Bellefonte on December 17 at the Methodist Church. Suzuki children will perform. Rob G. moved and Jim seconded that BHCA sponsor the event with food and drinks for the performers at a level of $50-$100. Passed. This event may help to bring a branch of the Music Academy to Bellefonte.


Next Meeting: November 17 at Egglers, January meeting at Adam & Art Gallery.


Adjournment: Rob G. moved, Gay seconded, no dissension.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Eggler, Secretary